I Admit...


...I am one of those people that believe if you press the button repeatedly, the elevator comes faster

...I never liked sweet tea until last year. And yes, I was born and raised in the south

....Sometimes when I don't have the motivation to go to the gym, I stand in front of the mirror to either confirm my lack of motivation is okay OR to get motivated to go

....I'm currently looking at Nike's websites in hopes that finding some new running clothes will keep the motivation more constant
{I will accept donations to fund this confession}

...I informed Andrew that I want to get a good enough picture in Chicago that we can use for our Christmas card

....An episode of Boy Meets World inspired me to look into taking a creative writing class

...I considered purchasing a Backstreet Boys album on iTunes
...I wish Sam and Dani could talk so that we could talk on the phone while we're in Chicago. Yes, I know that's weird, but that's how much I'm going to miss them

...I LOVE our church and our Pastor. He's such a great man of God and I'm thankful for him. Please take some time to listen to the sermon from this past Sunday...you won't regret it.

...Chicago is the first vacation we've had to pay for where we were staying since our honeymoon

...I am most definitely getting another spray tan before we go because I loved it that much the first time. I would almost go as far to to say that it was the best $20 I've spent in quite sometime

....I am so glad that it's Friday!


2 i love your comments!:

Beth Hoffman said...

You make me smile ... Happy weekend, Maggie!

The Michelle Show said...

Cute workout clothes are my NUMBER ONE reason to work out. Is that sad? Probably. But at least I'm going haha.

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