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First of all, thank you to everyone’s sweet words of encouragement and empathy regarding my “bloggers block”. After I wrote that post, I had a mental debate on whether or not to end my blog and just stalk others. And that thought made me sad. Probably irrationally so, but it confirmed that I enjoy this far too much to stop regardless of my insecurities or lack of interesting posts. Blogging and all that comes along with it is quite remarkable. The community that you enter into is unlike any other and I am thankful to be apart of it. To have the ability to experience the life journey of people I may never meet and have the honor of praying for them along the way is a blessing. I realize to some keeping a blog may seem like a self imposed invasion of privacy, and to a certain degree, I suppose it is. But it’s also a chance to “meet” some amazing people and I truly believe that I am a better person for it.

Okay, that was my sentimental portion of the post. Moving on!

Can I just remind all of you that it’s June 8th? Seriously, what’s up with that? Wasn’t Christmas a couple of weeks ago? Obviously it wasn’t, but I cannot believe that we are halfway through this year. I blink and a month of my life has passed. I need for that to stop happening because I kinda love of my life. One positive thing about being in June is that Chicago is a matter of days away as opposed to months! I am so excited because I’ve never a) been to Chicago and b) that far west. Please don’t judge me for that. If I had endless amounts of money and time, it wouldn’t be an issue.

Keeping to the subject of Chicago, ask me of good of a wife I am.

We are going to not just one Cubs game, but TWO. Yes, you read the right. Originally, we were only going to the Milwaukee Brewers game, but then hubby decided since the Yankees were in town that same week, might as well take advantage. Now, I love sports, but my love for baseball is not quite so high that I’m jumping up and down with excitement at the prospect of attending 2 games. On back-to-back days. Yes, I believe a medal or certificate is in order for how awesome I am for agreeing and supporting this decision. BUT it makes him happy which in turn makes me happy.

Oh the things we do for those we love…

And speaking of love {you like how I can find a segue just about anywhere?}, please don’t let me believe that I am alone in watching this season of the Bachlorette? It’s one of those shows that as I sit and watch it, I think to myself “why am I watching this? It’s such a train wreck” but can’t seem to change the channel. However, I’m not sure I’ll stick this season out. I’m not a fan of Ashley and apparently ABC has reached all new levels of absurdity for picking dates {who the heck would pick a roast for a date} and drama {enter Bently}. I understand this show and the principle behind it means that absurdity is prerequisite, but I’m just not sure I bring myself to be apart of it this go round.

So with that said, please reassure me that I’m not the only one that is perched on the couch Monday nights commenting on how ridiculous she is and he is and they are. And I’d love to hear about any trips/vacays you guys have coming up this month.

And until next time, happy Wednesday!

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