106 Days


So before I even tell you what is happening in 106 days, let me assure you that I do know what month it is and I do know what season is quickly approaching.  I do in fact know that it's July and that the season fast approaching, fall, means something different to most here in the south.

But sometimes knowing something just isn't enough. Sometimes your heart wins over your head. And sometimes {if you're me}, you choose to look past what is fast approaching, to what lies beyond that. 

At this point, I am certain that you are wondering what the heck I'm rambling about. Or better yet, why you're still reading. Well my dear readers {hopefully that is still true by the time the post concludes}, in approximately 106 days, my beloved North Carolina Tar Heels will once again take their rightful place on the hardwoods.

Yeah. Now I'm sure you're wondering why you kept reading. But I've always been upfront and honest with my obsession and intense love for this team and that will not change. Especially this year. This year, is what we in the Janke household have been waiting for since the championship winning season in 2009 came to a close. This team has already topped preseason rankings, and with the entire starting line up returning, that honor may actually be earned.

In anticipation of numerous posts of similar insanity in the months to come and in hopes of actually still having readers/followers at this point, I'll end with picture.

And also, if for some reason you don't know what date is 106 days away, it's November 11th.

11-11-11. Gotta love it.

If you stuck this out, bless you.

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christine donee said...


you are hilarious! and i'm excited for college basketball too.. though I'm still reveling in the fact that my beloved mavs just won the nba championship. ;)

kristyn ellen said...

Baha, I live in Oklahoma... and they don't so much care about basketball. Except the Thunder, but they are a new addition. I came from INDIANA... where basketball is HUGE.

I enjoy people who enjoy basketball. Hope your team does well!

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