Coming February 2012!


This past Saturday I found out that...


My wonderful sister-in-law, Jessica {brother's wife}, informed me that they were expecting a little bundle of joy in February 2012. I am so excited that my brother is going to be a dad! 

And I'm not sure I've ever typed something that sounded that bizarre.

With that said I've already been looking at baby shower ideas and super tacky "I love my aunt" things.  Jessica said that at this point she doesn't know if they'll want to find out what they're having, so I've strictly been looking at neutral baby shower ideas/decor.

all of these things look so yummy!

very happy looking
thought this was a fantastic idea!
I love the basket idea. You could ask guests to bring either "practical" items or "stylish" or some other fun item to fill up the baskets. There are just so many avenues to go down for baby showers and I just hope that I'm lucky enough to plan one! If you've ever planned one or have any ideas, please feel free to pass them on so I can steal borrow them.

And I also hope to hear these words a lot in the years to come...
When I heard that awesome news, it was probably the first time in a long time that I've felt that "tug". You girls know the one I'm talking about. The one that says "oh, a baby? That sounds like it could be awesome". Or at least something to that effect. But that is one great thing about having nieces and nephews; I get to shower love and hugs and kisses...but the responsibility and the hard stuff is out of my hands. So for now,  I'll embrace that and deal with the tugs as they come.

My first picture with my soon to be niece or nephew!!! I didn't even know at this point, but look how happy I look! Geez.

{I got all of the baby shower images from Pinterest, but for some reason I can't pull them up. Click here for my boards.}

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Beth Hoffman said...

You will be the best aunt in the world! Have fun shopping for all that cuteness!

Anonymous said...

You are gonna be a great aunt! I can't wait!!

GiGi Ek said...

I am so happy for you and your family! Being an Aunt is a gift... Plus it gets you prepared for when you have your own =) Love you!!!

Southern Girl Sentiments said...

Hey! I thought you might like my friend Amy's baby shower photos... it looks like it's from a magazine, and SO cute!

Laura Darling said...


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