I Can't Believe I Missed It!


I missed my three year anniversary...of my blog! Little did I know that when I started this blog 3 years ago what would be conveyed and displayed through it. But this is something that I have loved a little bit more as I write and construct each post. I've learned so much about myself, my marriage, relationships and my walk with the Lord through this blog and so many others.  This blog has witnessed the ups and downs of that the seasons of life can bring; over and over how good God is; and doing the whole "grown-up" thing. I am beyond thankful for all the blessings I've experienced and the people that I've "met" since starting this journey 3 years ago.

And one of the great things about this blog is getting to tell my faithful readers about my wonderful friends and the time spent with them! Friday night Burke and Erin arrived for the weekend and since we haven't seen them since their wedding, this was long overdue! It was a weekend filled with lounging, eating, spending too much money at Ikea and above all, picture taking!

Triple date girls at Roosters! Yum

hello men :)
And keeping with tradition, we had to have a mini-photoshoot in the driveway before they left on Sunday...

hmm...maybe I should be a bit jealous?
sad that it took us so long to become friends, but she is one of my best!
And then as quickly as they arrived, they hopped in the car and headed back to Raleigh. It always makes me sad to wave goodbye to friends that I'm unsure of the next time we'll be reunited. Regardless, we had a wonderful weekend with them and like they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder!

And before I forget, these are the awesome dishes we got from Ikea!
They look a little yellowish in this picture, but they're definitely light green and I adore them!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Rhiannon Bosse said...

Yay!! Three blog birthdays is huge :) Open the bubbly! xo

alexis @ bloomed in june said...

happy 3 year anniversary! that's crazy :)

Megan said...

happy three year blogiversary!!!

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