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Today I'm linking up with Carissa from lowercase letters because these are seriously some random pictures!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

The first 2 weekends in July...through the eyes of our camera and sometimes iPhone...

my great-grandma's china that now belongs to me! so pretty

My great-grandpa! Such a sweet man
such handsome men in my life!

July 4th weekend...nephew on the swing!

July 4th weekend...watching toy story 2
July 4th weekend...friends since 4th grade!

no 4th is complete without some sparkles!

visiting my parents and an old friend!

figured out that we've been friends for a decade. how old are we?

please don't judge me and the fact that I bought both of those items..

delicious sushi!
 I hope everyone has enjoyed their first 2 weekends of July! Can you believe we'll be halfway through after this week?? I sure can't. But soon, I'll be saying "can you believe it's Christmas time?!"

Such is life.

And I love it!

5 i love your comments!:

alexis @ bloomed in june said...

LOVE the china! and the sushi

Michaela said...

Such fun pictures. Loving those sunglasses!

MellyB said...

That chin is awesome! The fact that it's passed down makes it even more beautiful.

Also beautiful, that sushi. Seriously, work of art that stuff.

I hate to admit it, because I really do love summer, but I'm already getting excited for fall and the start of the holiday train.

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

What fun pictures! China that is passed down is so special...I also have a few pieces from my grandma. Look at that sushi!! Delicious!

katie. said...

Where did you find that cute hat? I've been looking for one like that and I can't find one that I like!

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