Wednesday Wishes


Today I'm linking up with Brooke for Wednesday Wishes!

ONE. the money to redo our bathroom
I love the look and style of this one. We currently have a full vanity with two sinks and the massive mirror that was put in there when the house was built.


TWO. to go back to Chicago
It was the best vaction I think I have ever been on and I haven't stopped thinking
about that city since we got back

THREE. a great devotional for Andrew & I
Suggestions are welcome! We're unsure of where to start looking

FOUR. more blog followers
Sad and silly? Maybe. True? Most definitely :)

FIVE. learn to play the guitar...semi-well
It's a dream I harbor but rarely speak of.

What are you wishing for this Wednesday?

10 i love your comments!:

Alyssa said...

thought i'd help make a wish come true! i'm a new blog follower :)

ten feet off beale

Brooke T said...

I wish I knew how to play the guitar as well!

Ashley said...

What wonderful wishes! :) I'm a new avid reader of yours, does that count?

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I like your list. I hope you learn how to play the guitar.


Danielle Moss said...

LOVE that bathroom!

Hannah said...

3. Have you ever read "My Upmost for His Highest" it's a great devotional, my husband and I really enjoy reading it together.
4. I will be a new blog follower for you! It's not a silly wish at all! I know it's true for me too : )
cute blog! :)

Bel said...

The bathroom is beautiful! :) I've wanted to play the guitar for the longest time too! But it's just too painful!

<3 Belly B

Ana said...

Love your wishes! I wish I could play the guitar too! My sister plays it really well and my husband plays it too! I was just born without music intelligence. I'll have to deal with that. ha.

xo, Ana
My (Newly)Wed Life

Hannah said...

oh my gosh i love wednesday wishes! if i ever knew what day of the week it was, i'd totally remember to link up....but i'm really bad at that apparently! i'm totally with you on wishing for money to redo things- i'm about to move and would love to have extra cash to decorate! we can wish together :)

would you ever want to guest blog on my blog?? i would love to have you! and maybe you'd get some new followers out of it, too!! :) let me know what your thinkin!

Sienna said...

ill help with new blog followers :) i love your blog!

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