We're All Different


"Just tell em I'm a nobody that's tryin to tell everybody 'bout Somebody that can save anybody."
--Denver Moore
I wish I could remember whose blog I saw this book on because I would go back and thank them. I'm not typically someone that can sit down and read a nonfiction book...real life happens all the time. I like novels and many times, I find nonfiction books slightly mundane. Not this one though. I'll admit, it took a few chapters for me to get into it, but I'm glad that I stuck it out. Amazon describes it as this:

"A dangerous, homeless drifter who grew up picking cotton in virtual slavery...An upscale art dealer accustomed to the world of Armani and Chanel...A gutsy woman with a stubborn dream...A story so incredible no novelist would dare dream it.

It begins outside a burning plantation hut in Louisiana...and an East Texas honky-tonk...and, without a doubt, in the heart of God. It unfolds in a Hollywood hacienda...an upscale New York gallery...a downtown dumpster...a Texas ranch.

Gritty with pain and betrayal and brutality, this true story also shines with an unexpected, life-changing love."

This was a wonderful book and by the time you've finished it, something inside of you has shifted. God has a funny way of leading us to a place that He can use us. And sometimes that may be reading about two men that I will never meet and who had nothing in common except a woman who saw what God could do. God chooses a lot of ways to reveal things to us. Sometimes it's obvious and in your face; and other times you have to be down on your knees in order to see it.

This book reminded me of what I can and could do and what I'm not doing. We may not be rolling in riches or have an abundant amount of free time, but we have the ability to serve those in need and that is more than enough. God has blessed Andrew and I so much and it's time we start doing more than the bare minimum.

If you've read this book, I'd love to hear what you thought and if you haven't read it, I hope I've convinced you to do so!

Happy reading!

"I found out everybody’s different – the same kind of different as me. We’re all just regular folks walkin down the road God done set in front of us. The truth about it is, whether we is rich or poor or something in between, this earth ain’t no final restin place. So in a way, we is all homeless – just workin our way toward home"
-- Denver Moore

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Hannah said...

ohhh my lord i think i have just found my next read! i just finished up some books and have been dying for a great one :) thank you a thousand times over!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

Absolutely one of my favorite reads of all times!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

LOVEEE the last quote!! Thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

I read this book a few years ago and looooved it. seriously the best! i mean next to the good book and the help (:

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