A Bathroom Facelift!


Last May, we became homeowners and everything that that entails. We by no means inherited a fixer-upper, but every home needs that personal touch and the stamp that makes it "yours". We've done small projects throughout the 15 months that we've lived there including the appearance and well being of the yard...

the flowers have grown alot since this picture was taken!
We also painted the guest bathroom, but I'm still hoping to make some minor changes to it as time goes on. Right now, both bathrooms are still boasting the orginal light and sink fixtures as well as the not so pretty construction cabinets. So one of my DIY projects is to redo the color of the guest bathroom cabinets to something darker and more modern. But one big huge massive project I'd like to take on is to transform our current master bathroom to look something like this: 
You may remember that bathroom from this post, and when I first posted that picture it was a "wouldn't it be nice if..." kinda thing. But the more I thought about it and the more research I did, I realized this is something that we may actually be able to do. Money for us is always an object, but this project may be able to be accomplished on a budget. After scouring Home Depot's (closest to our home) website, I found some comparable sinks/medicine cabinets that could make this a successful DIY project

Though it may be hard to tell from this picture, the color of this sink is technically "linen" which I think I would prefer over something that was bright white. It's adds warmth without being over the top.

At this point, I'm not sure if we would do a dark medicine cabinet like the one pictured above, or all white. Once we've seen them in person, the decision may be easier to make. As far as wall color, I'm thinking along the lines of a pale blue

Benjamin Moore paint colors
Clearly it's hard to distinguish a true difference in these three online, but I think any of these would be a good choice for a bathroom. But then again, I like blue, if you couldn't tell.

Have you ever done a complete facelift of a major room in your home? How'd it go? Any words of advice?

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Nina said...

I love love love your bathroom inspiration!! I have a magazine cut out in my home inspiration binder that looks so similar. love love love!! Have fun with your bathroom revamp :)

Ashley said...

We just redid our bathroom too and now I absolutely love it!! Good luck with your project!!

Anonymous said...

I love that bathroom. Those pedestal sinks are my fave. Can't wait to see what you all do.

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