More than March


More often than not, this blog has served as the vehicle for my obsession intense passion love for the North Carolina Tar Heels. I mean after "God's goodness", "tar heel obsession" is the largest label which means I mention it A LOT.

But I believe it's time to move that area of the blogging world if I have any kind of hope of making it a career. And without further adieu, I present "More than March"

More than March

This is not necessarily the final header, but I'm working on it! I cannot guarantee that the Tar Heels won't make a periodic appearance in this blog before the season is all said and done, but for the most part, I'm going to try to separate it.

So if you enjoy or at least tolerate college basketball, visit "More than March" and follow and comment! You guys know how much I love both of those things.

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Bonnie said...

I really like the header. Annddd I love your personality. You're pretty adorable.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

a boy a girl and a pug said...

Love love love you know march is my favorite... rock chalk!! I just found a cute game day outfit too on etsy! Only 7.5 months!

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