Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning?


We all have those moments in our lives that we know we'll never forget. We may not know at that moment that we'll always remember, but as the months and years go by, those moments become more defined. September 11, 2001 will be with us forever and chances are we will never forget where we were or what we were doing.

I was in 10th grade and sitting in my world history class when the teacher that shared the room came in and turned the t.v. on a news channel. We all sat there watching the scene unfold and trying to make sense of it all, which was somewhat impossible because it didn't seem real. Then, before we could comprehend what we had already been watching, we witnessed another plane fly into the second tower...

I can't tell you what I had for breakfast or dinner that day or what I wore. But I remember where I was sitting and how it felt to see all of that take place on American soil. I remember the uncanny sense of patriotism and unity that reverberated throughout the country in the days to follow this unprecedented tragedy. Now it's been 10 years and that does not even seem possible. So much has happened since that September day and that sense of unity has since faded, but today, we stand together in remembrance and thankfulness for those that lost their lives that day and the ones that followed.



Never forgotten, forever grateful.

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