Birthday Week!


Hard to believe my 26th birthday is taking place in a mere 4 days {technically 3 days and 1 wake-up, but who's counting?}! It does not seem possible because most days I feel like I'm a teenager trying to figure out life as opposed to the 20-something, married, home-owner that I really am.

Reality is such a funny thing.

So for at least the next 4 days, I will use "...but it's my birthday" whenever I see fit. There are only so many times in life when it can be "all about you" and I am a firm supporter of birthdays being one of those times.  And for that reason alone, I will live by the quote above!

Happy birthday week to me!

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Brooke T said...

YAY! Happy early birthday and I think using that is great! :)

Emily said...

Happy birthday week! I am glad someone else takes up the whole week with their birthday, because I definitely do & use that excuse as much as I can!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE IT!!! Too cool for school girly! Enjoy your bday week ;)

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday to you!!

Unknown said...

Wow .. Love your cute little blog. Happy Birthday!

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