Things That Made This Week Absolutely Rock


Well hello Friday! I'm so glad you're here. This week at work was CRAZY and by CRAZY, I mean the most hectic, busy, insane week since I've been here. But here we are at Friday once again and only 1 day away from my birthday{insert a little happy chair dance}! And despite the aforementioned work insanity, this week has been awesome because...

ONE. It's my birthday week!

As I've said before, I am very much like a child when it comes to my birthday and Christmas. I love any excuse for presents and celebrating with friends and family. And I am extremely supportive of stretching my birthday celebration out past one day because, hello, is one day ever really enough?

TWO. My oldest best friend asked me to be a bridesmaid! This totally tops birthday week! Whitney and I have known each other since the 4th grade and though we don't see each other nearly as much as we want, she is still one of my very best friends. Time and life have fought to pull us apart, but we're tough and fought harder.
I have no idea what we were thinking, but we had fun doing it
Last summer at Hilton Head. The bush behind Whitney was a tad prickly
4th of July this year
THREE. I finished the newest Nicholas Sparks book, "The Best of Me"

It was a good read, but I did not love the ending. I would still recommend it though if you like his books because it holds your interest and like most of his books, it's emotional enough to keep you wondering what's going to happen.

FOUR. The first Carolina basketball game is tonight! And though it may merely be an exhibition game, I am ready for it!
And that also means that November 11 is that much closer! 2 weeks and counting!

I love college basketball.

FIVE. And per usual, my sweet husband always makes my week better than I could imagine!

Happy Friday y'all!


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CAC muffin said...

Happy birthday week

a boy a girl and a pug said...

Happy bday week! I do believe the start of college basketball week may be the best gift. I do want to read that new nicholas sparks book. Did you read the one that came out last year, was it better?

short stack said...

we.... have issues. srsly. also, i can't wait to have you as a bridesmaid :D also, that first picture scares me because it makes me realize that we are still pretty much just as retarded 15 years later.

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