Birthday Road Trip Recap!


I always feel like I'm the most boring person when I start any sort of recaps. I don't mean to be if I am, but y'all please tell me if boredom is the overwhelming emotion that you're feeling when this is all said and done.

Mmkay thanks.

Thursday, Andrew and I hit the road and rolled into Pigeon Forge just in time for lunch. Let me tell you, when I saw the sign reflecting the name of my favorite Mexican food restaurant from Winston-Salem, it was all I could do not to propel myself out of the window!
It wasn't quite as delicious as it's Winston counterpart, but it hit the spot! And next to it was this little gem...
I learned that in this area, the word "antiques" takes on a whole new meaning. Someone should probably tell them that anything Lauren Conrad related is not.

Once I was done meandering and mocking, we hopped back into the car in search of the Christmas Inn! After seeing what a few of the other hotels down the main strip looked like, I was afraid that the pictures we had seen would be fictitious. I need not worry, because when we pulled up, this is what we were greeted with
And our room couldn't have been more perfect...
On Friday, we headed to Gatlinburg for lunch and to the Smokey Mountains. It was overcast and cool, but to me, it was perfect! And let me tell you, if you have never been to Gatlinburg, you HAVE to go. It's the ideal mixture of hillbilly delight and mountain beauty.


Sadly, I didn't get a street shot of the "main strip" while we were there, but I assure you that a picture would not have done it justice. Afterwards, we headed to the outlets which were no joke because there is no way to go through the whole thing in one day. We got some good deals and a Christmas present for our nephew, so I consider that a fairly productive endeavour.

Friday night we had an inexpensive dinner since we had already spent too much money and joined in the Inn's marshmallow roasting. There is just something about eating a marshmallow that had been on fire just moments earlier that makes my heart smile

pure happiness right there

pretty fire pit

After breakfast on Saturday morning, we headed back to Charlotte, but not before stopping for a few more pictures of the amazing fall colors!

And I obviously one of me doing something like this...

Ridiculous, I know.

But that's it, my birthday trip recap! Hopefull y'all are still awake :)

Have you ever been to the Smokies? Any suggestions for next time?

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short stack said...

I'M SO JEALOUS OF YOUR PIDGEON FORGE ADVENTURE :) plz let me know how much you paid for that hotel. i am so going.

Allie said...

That Christmas Inn is calling my name! Love this!

Suget said...

what a wonderful staycation. That hotel looks like so much fun. and those fall colors. gorgeous!! I want to go there now.

Ashley M said...

totally not bored! and I was looking forward to this post after seeing your preview that you were going there. I REALLY want to go so I'm glad to hear that it did not disappoint! beautiful pics of the smoky mountains by the way, makes me miss boone for sure!

Paula said...

Love the pictures, makes me want to go on a fall trip : )

CAC muffin said...

Looks like you had an amazing birthday trip!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, the fall pictures are so pretty!

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