Y'all, I swear Thanksgiving arrives a little faster every year. But I sure do love this time of year because to me, there is nothing not to love. Can anyone out there tell me that they don't love stuffing their faces with yummy goodness that only comes once a year? Or that you don't enjoy spending time with friends and family that you may not see a lot of? OR even if you're not a food lover or a sentimental person, you have to enjoy partaking in the madness that is Black Friday :)

The Lord has truly blessed me with an incredible life. It may not always be easy and effortless. There are bumps and hangups. I cry out in sadness and scream in anger. But at the end of the day, I choose to recognize the blessings. This is the time of year that we make a point to voice what we're thankful for, which is great, but every day is worthy of recognition. 


...I know the Lord, but even more than that, He knows me (Psalm 139:1).
If that was all I had to be thankful for, I'd be in pretty great shape.

...I have a God fearing husband whom I love more and more everyday. Some days that decision is a little harder than others, but it never fails. He is a man that chases hard after the
Lord and in return, loves me as Christ loves.

...our family, for the most part, is healthy and happy.

...we have amaaaaazing friends. Seriously. Could not ask for better.

...we have jobs to go to and a place to call home.

...we choose what we want to wear and want to eat.

...we are awoken by hearing our alarms and seeing each others face.

This world can be a place that tries to drag us down and force us into a box of negativity, but by choosing to fix my eyes on Jesus, I choose to be thankful for this life. This life is the only one I have to live and I can decide whether to recognize the blessings or the not so great things. When you woke up this morning, did you take a moment to thank God for bringing you to a new day? I didn't. Maybe a few of you did, but chances are, most of us take it for granted. Waking up today, Tuesday, November 22, was a blessing.

Speaking for myself, it's time I start living that way. I get so caught up in this hundred mile an hour life, I forget to bow my head, lift my hands and say "thank you" to the God that makes it all possible.

And as cheesy as this is, I am thankful for all those that are reading. Seriously.

Enjoy this week of Thanksgiving! Enjoy the food and the time with friends and family! Enjoy today and tomorrow and the next day...

And in all things, give thanks
1 Thessalonians 5:18

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short stack said...

I AM THANKFUL FOR HAVING YOU IN MY LIFE for saying things like this, things that make me think twice and appreciate all of it. ever since you started taking me to church with you in college you have been like my guardian angel and i am so happy that you are going to be my bridesmaid :)

Laura Rowe [twirl] said...

Love this! A great reminder to ponder what we're really thankful for & to LIVE that way. There was a quote all over facebook a while back that said "what if you woke up today & the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterda". Very convicting!

Jennifer said...

:) Awe, loved this. Happy Thanksgiving Maggie!!!

Megan said...

I adore this just like I adore you!! So humbling to remember the little things, like vision!!

Brooke T said...

This is all such great things to be thankful for!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on the wedding video too :)

carissa said...

God is so good!

i agree... the holidays come quicker each year. and i can't say that i mind. : )

a boy a girl and a pug said...

oh i love this important to say daily :-) hope you had a great thanksgiving!

Ashley said...

beautiful post friend! hope you had a great thanksgiving!


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