And the Boring Blogger Award Goes To...


Hi, my name is Maggie and I am a boring blogger.

No, really. It's borderline ridiculous how little I have to say. It's really not by choice or lack of desire, it's just my brain is as blank as it can be. Like I said, ridiculous!

Thankfully, Christmas is just around the corner and that is a valid excuse for my lack of posts even if it's not true. And let's just focus on that for a second--Christmas is officially less than 2 weeks away. My heart breaks! I love the lights on and in our house and if it wasn't the tackiest thing ever, I would keep our tree up year round.

Lights and all...
It's just not fair how fast this month goes and how short it is. We can never do everything we want or attend everything we're invited to. I understand that if that's the biggest conundrum we experience in the twelfth month of the year, we're doing okay, but nevertheless, there isn't enough time. I have approximately 6 Christmas movies saved on our DVR and equal that of DVD boxes in front of the blu-ray player just waiting to be watched. One of the movies saved on the DVR is "A Christmas Carol" with Jim Carrey which I haven't seen, so if you have, please let me know if it's worth my time. Any movies that I hear of that I can cross off my list would be welcomed news!

On a super excited note, this is my last full week of work for 2011! I decided to use a good bit of my PTO and took off all of next week! It's just not fair that only kids get extended Christmas breaks--adults need them way more in my opinion. I plan on doing some deep cleaning around here, wrapping some presents, baking some goodies and just enjoying my time off!

And with that, I am done. Hopefully there are no snores taking place on the other side of the monitor and hopefully you'll stick with me during this boring blogging season that I'm going through!

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kristyn ellen said...

I have never seen that movie, so I can't help. I've been wanting to watch Jingle All the Way... I think that's with Arnold. Could be fun!

You aren't a boring blogger! Blog whenever you want, no pressure here!

Unknown said...

Not boring!! (: I love reading your blog! Sometimes it is nice to hear someone else's thoughts!

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