12 Goals & 1 To Grow On


I tend not to make resolutions because a) I will inevitably not fulfill them and b) anything dealing with self improvement is an ongoing thing and will more than likely not be accomplished within 365 (give or take).

Therefore, I will make a list of goals of things that I hope to do or want to go before we say goodbye to 2012. And if these past years have taught me anything, it's that the years are going by faster than ever so I cannot be lazy about !

(these are in no particular order)

1. Run and finish a half marathon (considering I am signed up for one, this should happen)
2. Go to the zoo
3. Create and stick to a household budget
4. Learn the guitar (forget the fact that I bought it like 6 months ago)
5. Visit my grandparents/great-grandpa for no reason at all (aka not just at holidays)
6. Be more intentional with my college basketball blog
7. Find and stick to a Bible study
8. Go to the beach (we sadly didn't make it there once during 2011)
9. Re-do our bathroom
10. Make a photobook of our trip to Chicago
11. Create a positive and lasting impact in someone's life
12. Read at least 3 books that are considered "classics"

and one to grow on...

13. Learn something new (guitar not included)

Mind you, these are merely things that I hope do or places I hope to go to. 2012 is not limited to or by the 13 things listed above. I am learning that living requires being intentional and I refuse to let laziness or being comfortable to hold me back this year. I hope to embrace everything that comes our way this year; good or bad, hard or easy...it's called life and bumps are part of the road. I realize these are not deep nor impressive goals, but they are mine, and that's enough for me.

p.s. There is officially less than 2 months until the Disney Princesses 1/2 Marathon! Crazy!


3 i love your comments!:

christine donee said...

These are great goals! I decided to visit my grandparents for no reason too.. seems more personal than just for the holidays? also. I like the free meals I get.

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Maggie, I love your new header!!! that is so adorable!

Hannah said...

You're running the Princess 1/2?! I ran that last year and it was so much fun! You are going to have a blast! I wish I could have done it again this year... Maybe next year. I know you will have loads of fun running it! :)

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