2 Weeks


It honestly seems like ages ago that I told you guys I would be running in the Disney Princesses 1/2 Marathon.

In reality I first mentioned it back in November in this post. Which I guess to some degree was ages ago, but here we are only 2 weeks away from race day!


Had you asked me this time a year ago if I would run 13.1 miles at any point, ever in my life, you probably would've been greeted with a resounding laugh. No, seriously. I never considered myself a runner (and if I'm being honest, I'm not sure I do now) so the idea of running for 13.1 miles would've been comical.

Yesterday, my friend Brooke and I had our last long run before the race of 14 miles. That's right. 14 miles. That is a double digit number. I could make myself sound awesome and make y'all think I'm a beast and say that it wasn't hard and I feel great today.

That would be a lie.

It was borderline impossible and I think around the 13 mile mark, we both uttered phrases like "I hate my life" and "I think my organs are shutting down".

We have a gift for the theatrical side of life.

Training has been tough stuff, but I am so proud of us for sticking to it. I know that the next 2 weeks is a time to bump it up and not slack off. I do not want to finish injured or last!

Don't worry. I have not preconceived notions of winning or being in the top of anything, but I just don't want to be last or even at the back of the pack.

Another thing that I am way excited about is simply going to Disney World! I've never been and this is going to be such a great experience!

Any suggestions on rides/shows?

3 i love your comments!:

a boy a girl and a pug said...

that is so exciting. cannot wait to hear about this experience. i've only just recently heard of disney doing this when we had a family member run...and they loved it!

Unknown said...

I am so excited for you! I recently took up running and have been trying to run for longer than 3 miles! Can't wait to hear all about your process.

You have to ride the tower of terror, it is so much fun!

Megan said...

How exciting! So proud of you and so excited for you to experience Disney! Have fun!!

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