I Should Write a Real Post, but...


As I mentioned in my last post, the past few weeks have been a bit overwhelming. Not all in a bad way, but overwhelming is still overwhelming. And as such, this post probably can't be classified as a real one.

Bare with me and maybe this weekend my brain will resurface and I'll have something somewhat witty or interesting to offer.

In the meantime, please take a peak at this adorable boy that I get to call my nephew!

I love him so much it's crazy and it's also crazy how holding him makes me want one of my own!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week because tomorrow is Friday!

3 i love your comments!:

Beth Hoffman said...

Congrats on becoming an Auntie!

Michaela said...

Oh goodness...such sweet pictures :) You're so cute holding him, too! Hmm...baby fever?!

Ashley M said...

Congratulations auntie! He is sooooo cute :)

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