It's Thursday and I'm Still Random


Happy Thursday, y'all!

I've missed my blog so much, but my brain is empty and tired by the time I get home, and after sitting in front of a computer pretty much all day, it's not really high on my to-do list when I'm in the comfort of our house.

Well, that was a run on sentence if I've ever written one.

Anywhoo! We have had a fairly calm week which is always welcomed. I've been trying to enjoy this amazing weather as much as possible. It really makes me long for a job that would allow me to workout outside. Alas, the real world says no, and in my cube I remain.

It also blows my mind to think that spring has only officially been here for two days. I mean, it's been in the 70's at least for the past 2 weeks! I love it because we've been doing yard work and I'm running in our church's 5K on Saturday morning.
The proceeds will go to help stamp out human trafficking which makes this race about so much more than the mileage. In the book of James we are commanded to do this...

Reach out to the homeless and loveless in their plight, and 
guard against corruption from the godless world. 
- James 1:27 (The Message)

I'm thankful to be doing this race for so many reasons, including the fact I've been somewhat slack in running and working out as a whole lately! Hopefully this will serve as a jump start to my laziness in those regards. 

Another thing that happened this week (at least in our house) was that for the first time in too many weeks, there has been no Bachelor!
I, personally, was probably too disappointed about this fact, but I'm sure the hubby was more than happy! I realize how dumb and silly this show is, but I can't help but to watch to see what's going to happen. Seriously a train wreck every time. So entertaining.

I hoping to take some pictures of the flowers we planted last weekend posted on here in the next couple of days because they just make me happy. I feel like they make such a difference and planting them and watching the grow, is seriously a sign of spring. That and the insane pollen that has coated my car!

Spring is like life, though; gotta take the good with the bad!

Thankfully, the good usually outweighs the bad (both spring and in life)!

P.S. is anyone else ridiculously excited that "The Hunger Games" is coming out tomorrow?!?

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