The Gifts of Social Networking


I've mentioned here before how social networking has a chance to be pretty awesome.  For the most part, I still believe that. Though I think it has the opportunity to be used in a negative way, I've experienced more good than bad from Twitter, Facebook and blogs.Earlier this week, I saw this on my Facebook news feed...
Now, I admit, that I love John Grisham novels, and got really excited at the thought I've being one of the lucky chosen ones. I did as it requested, but honestly did not expect to receive an email back saying, "you got it."

But I did!

I am pretty sure I squealed a high pitched squeal (while at work I might add) and may have done some sort of chair dance at my desk. I know that blogging isn't about followers and numbers, but in this case, I figured it would be. Now, for whatever reason, I'll get the opportunity to read this book before it's even on the shelves and write about it. I would classify this as an unofficial bucket list item. I say unofficial because I never thought I would get a chance to do something like this.

I know some people review things all the time, so this probably doesn't seem like a big deal. But this is my first time, and dangit, I'm excited about it! I'm not sure when I'll get the book, however I do know that I'll get to blog about it, so be on the look out!

Another aspect of social networking that I'm loving right now is Pinterest. Seriously. If only I could get my kitchen, closet and entire house to reflect what I'm repinning...
My love for social networking is truly rooted in the sweet words I get to read from y'all and the "friendships" that come from blogs, tweets and more. In some ways I would consider these social mediums a blessing.

And I thank each of you for it!

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Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! I just tried the bananas and peanut butter and chocolate thing today! Anyway, I just found your blog and was like, Tarheel fan? YES! I used to live in NC and so I am true blue through and through. I love your blog!
New follower:)

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