What I've Loved About This Week


I cannot believe we're halfway through March!

Crazy. My husband tells me I say this every month, but at least I'm consistent...

It's been a pretty good month so far, especially considering how not so good January and February were. And what's even crazier, is how warm it is! At least here in North Carolina. 80 degrees. In March. I'm enjoying it, but hoping that this is not an indication for what summer will be like.

This week has been filled with some pretty awesome things such as...

...this book

...this nail polish
tart deco

...this product
Yes to Cucumber Facial Towelettes
Makes my nighttime routine faster and easier. Great way to take off your make up (even your eye make up)!

...this comfortable hoodie
Under Armour Charged Cotton Storm Fleece Hoody
This thing is so comfortable, it's crazy. No doubt one of my favorite pieces of clothing right now.

 ...booking our hotel for our trip to the Outer Banks!
 ...and of course, a lot of basketball that will result in this
And now, Friday is here, and I have high hopes for a relaxing, yet productive weekend!

Enjoy it!


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short stack said...

outer banks! what happened to CHARLESTON!?!? :(

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