Have I Told You...


...we've started watching the A&E show "Storage Wars" and unfortunately enjoy it.  It's so bizarre to me that people spend their time and money on this stuff!

...I love movie trailers.  I visit Apple Trailers at least 3 times a week to see if any new ones are posted that I would want to watch. At least 3 times a week... I cannot explain this desire, but sadly, it does exist.

...I'm re-reading Catching Fire from the Hunger Games trilogy and have decided, I would die incredibly fast if I had to be a tribute.  I can be a tough person if I have to be, but I don't so much consider myself a fighter and in that situation, you have no choice.

...life is going by too fast and I don't like it.

...I can't decide if I have puppy fever...

...or baby fever...  

...I signed up for the Charlotte Humane Society's Pet Palooza 5K in a couple of weeks and would love if y'all could donate any amount for a great cause
...I really do plan on having a real post later this week, but last week at work exhausted my brain!

...I'm thankful for each of you and truly do love the blogging world :)

Happy Monday, y'all!

What I Have Learned


Marriage is nothing and everything I thought it would be...I promise that made sense.  When you're engaged, or even dating, you imagine what your life would be like after saying "I do."  You imagine the walls that will form your home, the vacations that will build memories and the holidays spent making traditions.

You typically don't think of the struggles, trials and fights that you'll have, but you know they will happen.  You don't imagine getting so frustrated that you can't even stand being in the same room with the love of your life, but those moments will come.

When you think of marrying your best friend, you think of the good and just accept that the bad will be in the mix.  

The funny thing with marriage is that even though there are years of experience within the world, there is no one that can tell you how to do it well or give you a "how-to" guide.  Sure, lots (and lots) of people will give you their opinions, but ultimately marriage is a lot of trial and error.  I realize that sounds harsh and negative, and please trust me when I say, I don't mean it that way.  I simply mean that there is no "right way" to be married; you'll both do it the "wrong way" before figuring it out.  When you're a wife, forgiveness and trust become your closest allies.  Husbands will inevitably do something in a way that we're not fond of or didn't want done in the first place.  And as wives, we will inevitably do something in a way that they're not fond of or didn't want done in the first place.

I think something that gets forgotten after the sweet, magical words of "I do" is that they were said to another human being.  By nature, we mess up and make mistakes and by all accounts, are far from perfect.  Life is messy and I have come to learn that marriage is about being with someone you enjoy cleaning with.

When we were engaged, one bit of advice that I got a lot was "pick your battles" and I can say with confidence, it's good advice.  If you nitpick every, tiny thing, your days and weeks will be filled with arguments or, worse, silence.  And there are some battles that I've learned I may never win.  And honestly, that's okay.

I have learned to stop looking for perfection and to start giving the same patience and grace God has given me time and time again.  I have learned that laughter is not optional, but essential.  Having a sense of humor can prevent a lot of headaches and possible harsh words.  I have learned moments of just sitting quietly can speak volumes.  I have learned to embrace the times that stretch us because that's when we lean more on one another and on God.  And lastly, I have learned that I will never stop learning.

Now, we will be celebrating 4 years of marriage in June, so I most certainly do not consider myself a cornucopia of knowledge when it comes to marriage.  What I do know is this is a journey and an ever-changing, unpredictable process.  To accept that, I feel, is half the battle. 


Resurrection Sunday 2012


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  As always, the weekend went by way too fast and unfortunately, I had no days off make it longer.

Saturday was pretty low key with a morning trip to Marshall's that would change my life hair forever.  Okay, a bit dramatic, but I am super excited about this new addition to my hair styling tools!
I've used Chi flatirons before and, of course, loved them. The thing I didn't love? The price tag associated with them.  I've been trying to get by with the less expensive ones and it's been obvious. So when I saw it for $60, I knew it was now or never.  After using it twice, I'm hooked. It is so much faster and leaves my hair feeling much softer and not as weighed down.  And I love that it was almost half the price!

Saturday afternoon, we headed over to Andrew's parents to partake in Easter eggs, dinner and family time.
Andrew hiding eggs...I was supposed to be helping


a little blurry, but still cute
On Sunday, our Pastor had an amazing word (as he always does). I love Easter Sunday service because there are always a ton of people and I just pray that they come back. I don't want this one Sunday to be the equivalent to a New Years resolution that doesn't last. It was a good word on this particular Sunday, and it will be a good word the next and the next.

But this particular Sunday, we all need to remember that our Savior did not die, but rose.  Praise God for the grace and salvation that was poured upon us so many years ago...


Catching Up!


I just realized the many things I feel I should have covered on the blog and have failed to do so!

Please forgive me for being so remiss.

ONE. The Hunger Games...loved the book; enjoyed the movie.
Obviously, one aspect that books will have over movies, are the details. Though I feel the movie did an adequate job of covering major scenes, many details were left out or not developed enough. Now, I realize that in order for this to be done, the movie would have had to be, like, 6 hours long. I, for one, would not have sat through something that long.

TWO. I do LOVE this song from "The Hunger Games" soundtrack
I cannot get enough of this song!

THREE. I ran my first 5K of the year last Saturday and was quite pleased with my finish time of 32:57. For all you true runners out there, I know that's slow. But considering it was raining and there was some crazy pollen, I'll embrace that time!

FOUR. Other than the aforementioned 5K, me and running (or any form of working out really) has been less than stellar.  I can make excuses all day, but what it really boils down to is I've been lazy and not the best steward of my time.  That has to stop.  I'm asking my 99 (so close to 100) followers to hold me accountable. Pinterest is doing a pretty good job...

all pictures from this board
FIVE. I am starting to believe that in order to be my friend in real life, on Facebook or through blogging, you have to be pregnant. Seriously. That's how it feels.  And I am so insanely happy and thankful for everyone that is going through this journey; it's just so crazy the amount of babies that will be born soon!

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

Waiting & Walking in the Wilderness


When I was younger, I was under the unproven theory that when you were a grown up, life instantly became easier.

Sure, you had bills and a mortgage and stuff, but life, as a whole, was much more simple.

As I'm sure most of you know as you read this, that is not true. And if anything, it becomes harder.  Being a grown up is certainly not living up to my idea of what it would be.  Bills and mortgages are one thing; it's the things that catch you off guard that you may or may not have adequately prepared for that make adulthood less than easy.

Adulthood, I'm learning, is hard.  Life, as we found out at various stages, is tough.  Situations, events and moments come along at some point that we cannot even begin to fathom how to handle.  More than once this year, I've thought to myself "my shoulders are not nearly big or strong enough for this."

But then God... 

God uses those situations, events and moments to remind us that He is indeed an ever present help in a time of need.  God places people in our lives to help carry the burden and relieve our shoulders.  Trials serve as the eye opener I need that I cannot do this adult thing alone.

More than likely, we have all heard this verse in Isaiah...

Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

I'm going to be honest with y'all...right now, I feel a little weary and more than a little faint.  Trusting God during trials doesn't instantly make them less of a trial or easier.  A few weeks ago, our Pastor said that the Holy Spirit will drive us into a place that we would not voluntarily go.  It's these places, our "wilderness," we learn how strong He is and that we need Him through all things.  God does not do things as we would do them.  Many times, we make choices based off of how we feel, and thankfully, God is not an emotional God.  Though we may have moments or seasons of living by faith, we let our emotions steer us more than we should.  

In the "wilderness" we have no choice but to focus on Jesus.  The wilderness is uncomfortable and at times, scary.  We're bombarded from every direction of earthly, meaningless things in our lives, but in the wilderness, those things fade away. They have to because otherwise helplessness would override what God is trying to show us.  I have to realize that God is not God sometimes and He is not God in some situations; He is God all the time.  

The righteous person may have many troubles, 
but the LORD delivers him from them all
- Psalms 34:19

I say this to remind myself and to anyone reading;  For 40 years, Moses waited for a word, a sign, anything from God.  He didn't hear from God the entire time he was in the wilderness.  But God is patient and He is deliberate and Moses would be tested and tried before reaching the Promised Land.  God knows what it takes for me and for us to be ready for what He has for us.  You know the saying "the greater the risk, the greater the reward?"  With God, the greater the wait, the greater the work He's doing.

If you feel like you're in the wilderness or you feel faint and weary, do not lose hope.  God knows what He is doing.

Do not let this happy trust in the Lord die away, no matter what happens. 
Remember your reward! You need to keep on patiently 
doing God's will if you want Him to do for you all that 
He has promised. His coming will not be delayed much longer. 
And those whose faith has made them good in 
God's sight must live by faith, trusting Him in everything.
- Hebrews 10:35-38

Making Plans

One thing that I've started to pay more attention to as I've gotten older is time or, actually, the lack of it.  I have also noticed that I have not been the best steward of this precious gift.  Too many times during the week, I become content to straighten up "just enough" and then get too comfortable on the couch for the remainder of the evening. Every once in awhile it's okay to do this. More often than not is not something I strive for.

I enjoy having a plan.  Not a life plan, but at least a plan for my nights.  Even if that consists of playing my guitar for 20 minutes or taking a walk with my sweet husband and crazy dogs or even just do more blogging.  I always complain about how fast my life is going by, and it's time I do something about it. Sitting on the couch is a great way for life to sprint by.

Now, I realize that even if I do practice my guitar or blog more that life will still go by far too fast.  There is just no way to slow time down, but there is a way to make the most of the time we are given.

This life is the only one we're given and I really, truly do not want to sit down and watch it go by.  I need to make a promise to myself that starting now (not tomorrow) I will make the most of the time I'm given. Life can surprise you and if you're not on guard, it may not be a pleasant one.

This post has no real point, just wanted to put in writing this particular conviction I've had. 

What steps are you taking to ensure life isn't getting away from you?
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