Making Plans


One thing that I've started to pay more attention to as I've gotten older is time or, actually, the lack of it.  I have also noticed that I have not been the best steward of this precious gift.  Too many times during the week, I become content to straighten up "just enough" and then get too comfortable on the couch for the remainder of the evening. Every once in awhile it's okay to do this. More often than not is not something I strive for.

I enjoy having a plan.  Not a life plan, but at least a plan for my nights.  Even if that consists of playing my guitar for 20 minutes or taking a walk with my sweet husband and crazy dogs or even just do more blogging.  I always complain about how fast my life is going by, and it's time I do something about it. Sitting on the couch is a great way for life to sprint by.

Now, I realize that even if I do practice my guitar or blog more that life will still go by far too fast.  There is just no way to slow time down, but there is a way to make the most of the time we are given.

This life is the only one we're given and I really, truly do not want to sit down and watch it go by.  I need to make a promise to myself that starting now (not tomorrow) I will make the most of the time I'm given. Life can surprise you and if you're not on guard, it may not be a pleasant one.

This post has no real point, just wanted to put in writing this particular conviction I've had. 

What steps are you taking to ensure life isn't getting away from you?

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