Unfailing & Unchanging Love


I know that before I even start this post that not everyone who reads it will agree with my words. And that’s okay. As I said in my previous post, this is my blog, therefore, I have the right to say what I think and make no apologies for it.

For the majority of my life, I would consider myself a Christian, but it wasn’t until the latter part of my freshman year at Appalachian I would have called myself a “follower” of Jesus Christ. To some, the two may be synonymous, but to me, the way I live my life as a “follower” is much different then before I became one. I won’t go into details or my testimony, but please feel free to read it. Also, I truly believe that a person's testimony is ever changing, so though that was mine several years ago, there is so much more to it now...

My college Pastor used to say that church people were crazy, and though I would laugh with the rest, I wasn’t entirely sure what he meant. We were in church when he said it and we were people. Odd. But at that time, I was very much in the safety bubble that a small college town provides. I had certainly met people from all walks of life, but my closest friends all went to my church and we all believed the same thing and thought along the same lines. Now, being a full-fledged adult (unwillingly at times), I get it. Too many times "church people" are the ones that want to deliver rules and guidelines to having faith. They're the ones that sit pretty in the pews on Sunday, but live lives that don't mirror the words that they should've heard while sitting there.

We all know people like that and we also know the ones that want to make sure you've checked all the boxes and read the fine print before you sign the line to follow Christ. Those people bug me. Though I adamantly and 100% believe there is only one way to Heaven (John 14:6), I believe there are many ways to get to that point. Some people grow up in church and Sunday school and don't make the learning process any harder than it has to be. Others may go down a road that proves to have snags and potholes and bumps of various shapes and sizes. It also might be a road that is longer and windier, but it’s still a road that leads to Christ. If I’ve learned anything in my 26 years on this earth, it’s this; people are different. But we’re all the same different. We all walk down the road of life and no matter what our road presents, it’s the road that God laid before us. That’s the thing about God that is so incredibly different than us. He is patient. He realizes that for some the road that leads to living a life for Him may be longer and harder than it is for others. He waits. Whether we are walking or running, He keeps stride and waits until we’re tired of doing it on our own.

Patience is one thing most of us of the human persuasion lack. We lack patience with one another and we certainly lack patience with God. If we meet someone that isn’t living their lives just as we believe they should (no matter how well placed our intentions are) we want to rush them down that proverbial road I mentioned. We want them to see that if they don’t turn their lives over to Christ immediately, it will be fire and brimstone and only an angry God that awaits them. But what if God’s will for them is to keep going down their road? What if there are still things they need to walk through and experience before they can truly turn their lives over? Then what? Do we chalk them up as a helpless cause? Too often times, that’s what happens, but it shouldn’t. What we need to do is give back what was given to us so freely; love and patience.

Love covers over a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8), and in order for someone to care that sin makes God angry (Psalm 7:11, John 3:36), they must first care that His love and mercy for us far outweighs His anger (Micah 7:18-20, Romans 5:8). Only a God that loves deeply and unfailingly would willingly send His only Son to die to save all that believe in Him. If the bible said nothing else about God’s love for us, John 3:16 alone would allow me to know that God’s love is above all else.

There is a Rascal Flatts song, Unstoppable, that I have always believed to say it best;

Love, it can weather any storm
Bring you back to being born again
Oh, it's a helping hand when you need it most
A lighthouse shinning on the coast
That never goes dim…
Love is unstoppable

Now replace the word “love” with “God.” That is the God that people need to know and that is the God we all should be serving and striving to emulate while here.

I know this was somewhat lengthly and rambling, but it's been heavy on my heart that people know the love and grace of God.  Living a life for Christ shouldn't be about strict rules and unreachable standards, for we all fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace (Romans 3:23-24).  And we would all do well to remember that God didn't send His Son into the world to condemn it...
...but to save it.

Why Blog?


Many of the blogs I read are filled with people that have mastered (and excel in) DIY projects or cook gourmet meals on a regular basis (I'm looking at you Nina) or posses an unbelievable wardrobe and sense of fashion. They travel. They take amazing photographs.  And they’ve figured out the perfect way to organize and decorate every room in their house (and your house) and do it all for $5.

I am none of these people.

I am the girl that thinks to herself “that looks easy. I should totally be able to do that” and then proceeds to burn the cake or overcook the noodles while trying not to pitch a fit that would shame a four-year-old. I am only as organized as I have to be and DIY projects will never be something I can claim I’m good at.

I am a 20-something, southern girl who has held the title of "wife" for almost four years, mother of two crazy and adorable fur-babies.  I love taking too many pictures and would consider myself an obsessive fan of the North Carolina Tar Heels.  I long to be a runner, but just don't love it enough to be one.  I harbor dreams of being an amazing singer/guitar player.  My days are not spent saving the world or lives.  I don't have the secret to success under wraps.  And I have no hidden talents.  I am by all accounts normal and therefore, somewhat boring.

Why, then, do I feel the need to put my normalcy out into the blogosphere?

Because I am absolutely in love with my life.

It is far from perfect and it’s certainly not always easy. It is sometimes filled with ugly truths, but I embrace every bit of it.

I finally learned and accepted that, despite not having followers in the triple digits or not every post gets a comment, this is my blog and it’s my life. There is something special about getting to take a literal and proverbial look back about going back throughout the course of the year or the beginning of a new one. Sure, I could keep a journal and keep my normal, semi-boring life to myself, but I choose to do this. Blogging provides a medium in which I can be honest, real and at times, incredibly vulnerable. I like to believe that posts like this or this or this mean something or help someone in some way.

The hardest part of blogging for me is not the vulnerability, but when I find myself completely, and utterly stumped for subject matter.  And this fact alone allows me to draw the conclusion, I will never be an author.  I, to some degree, consider myself a writer.  With writing, I can hit the backspace button as many times as is necessary to in order to explain myself eloquently and concisely.  Eloquent and concise are not words I would use to describe myself in the real world, but within the forgiving confines of my blog, stuttering and stumbling don’t happen.  Because I am who I am, though, rambling may or may not make the occasional appearance.

This blog has been gracious enough to allow me to be random and truthful, while also having fun. It has allowed me to "meet" people and experience their journeys in a way that would have otherwise never been possible. I love the people I have "met" and the fact that I have been allowed to pray for them and rejoice with them.

Being a blogger is something that some folks might not understand, especially when there is no true direction for the blog itself.  But I consider myself a blogger and all that it entails.  You never know what or who you might find...

And maybe, just maybe, blogging allows you to find yourself, your dream and your direction.


OBX 2012


This past weekend, sweet husband and I went to the most eastern part of our pretty state; the Outer Banks!  The one and only other time I've been to the Outer Banks was probably about two decades ago (ask me if I felt old saying that) and I was way excited to go.

Since I have the attention span of a some tiny bug, the 6 and half hour car ride seemed to take a lifetime on Friday. But we finally got there, and it was perfect!

{Prepare for picture overload} 

We spent some time on the beach and had a great dinner at a very beachy/touristy place called Barefoot Bernie's.

Saturday morning, we headed out to the beach first thing and we could not have asked for better weather!

try as I might, I could not get a "normal" picture
sadly, I've wanted a picture like this for awhile :)
After some lounging and relaxing on beach, we headed to the Wright Brother's Memorial and Jockey's Ridge, neither of which I'd ever visited.

Sad, I know.

I have lived in North Carolina my entire life and have never set foot on those massive sand dunes, or where the first airplane took off until last Saturday.

flying kites is awesome no matter how old you are
trying not to get carried away by the wind
To carry on the tradition of kid-like activities, we played putt-putt on Saturday night and had so much fun.  Also, I totally get why golfers want to throw their clubs or a fit when they miss a putt because I had a couple of frustrated moments.  But in the end, my talent shone through and I walked away victorious!

Sunday morning, we hit the road early to make it to Bodie and Hatteras lighthouses.  We eventually made it to Currituck, but by that point, it was too late to actually get close to it.

I know this was a lot of pictures, but it was hard to just pick a couple to post here.  I am a firm believer that the beach is good for the soul and I wish vacations didn't go by so quickly.  I also wish that parents still paid for everything :) Remember those days? They were nice...

If you live in North Carolina, I highly recommend making it to the Outer Banks sooner rather than later.  It's quiet, but not boring.  It's beautiful and natural, but welcomes you with open arms.  And despite what I may have said halfway there or back, it is absolutely worth the time it takes to get there.


It's May...? How is that Possible?!


It is May 6th and my last post was April 23rd.

Can someone please tell me how that happened?  I always have the best intentions to blog on a regular basis, but then I come home from work and the last thing I want to do is use my brain. I promise it's not laziness...

But I'm excited for the month of May because we have a lot going on (as do most).  Next weekend will be our first beach trip of the year to the Outer Banks and I cannot wait. We didn't make it to the beach once last year, so this trip is long overdue.

And at the end of this month, I'll get to celebrate my sweet friend, Brittany, in Wilmington for her bachlorette weekend.

I can't believe she's getting married in a little over a month! I'm so excited for her and I have no doubt she may be the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.

Life has been pretty status quo the past couple of weeks which I fully support and hope that it will keep going.

One thing I wanted to share with y'all is the blessing that is Pinterest. Our weekday meals have been filled with more variety while still not breaking the bank or taking forever.

I love finding yummy meals that don't take forever because I really don't have the patience or the skill for intricate meals.

Gosh, I'm boring today! I will try my hardest to have something interesting to type next time and I will also try for the next time not to be weeks away. 
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