Why Blog?


Many of the blogs I read are filled with people that have mastered (and excel in) DIY projects or cook gourmet meals on a regular basis (I'm looking at you Nina) or posses an unbelievable wardrobe and sense of fashion. They travel. They take amazing photographs.  And they’ve figured out the perfect way to organize and decorate every room in their house (and your house) and do it all for $5.

I am none of these people.

I am the girl that thinks to herself “that looks easy. I should totally be able to do that” and then proceeds to burn the cake or overcook the noodles while trying not to pitch a fit that would shame a four-year-old. I am only as organized as I have to be and DIY projects will never be something I can claim I’m good at.

I am a 20-something, southern girl who has held the title of "wife" for almost four years, mother of two crazy and adorable fur-babies.  I love taking too many pictures and would consider myself an obsessive fan of the North Carolina Tar Heels.  I long to be a runner, but just don't love it enough to be one.  I harbor dreams of being an amazing singer/guitar player.  My days are not spent saving the world or lives.  I don't have the secret to success under wraps.  And I have no hidden talents.  I am by all accounts normal and therefore, somewhat boring.

Why, then, do I feel the need to put my normalcy out into the blogosphere?

Because I am absolutely in love with my life.

It is far from perfect and it’s certainly not always easy. It is sometimes filled with ugly truths, but I embrace every bit of it.

I finally learned and accepted that, despite not having followers in the triple digits or not every post gets a comment, this is my blog and it’s my life. There is something special about getting to take a literal and proverbial look back about going back throughout the course of the year or the beginning of a new one. Sure, I could keep a journal and keep my normal, semi-boring life to myself, but I choose to do this. Blogging provides a medium in which I can be honest, real and at times, incredibly vulnerable. I like to believe that posts like this or this or this mean something or help someone in some way.

The hardest part of blogging for me is not the vulnerability, but when I find myself completely, and utterly stumped for subject matter.  And this fact alone allows me to draw the conclusion, I will never be an author.  I, to some degree, consider myself a writer.  With writing, I can hit the backspace button as many times as is necessary to in order to explain myself eloquently and concisely.  Eloquent and concise are not words I would use to describe myself in the real world, but within the forgiving confines of my blog, stuttering and stumbling don’t happen.  Because I am who I am, though, rambling may or may not make the occasional appearance.

This blog has been gracious enough to allow me to be random and truthful, while also having fun. It has allowed me to "meet" people and experience their journeys in a way that would have otherwise never been possible. I love the people I have "met" and the fact that I have been allowed to pray for them and rejoice with them.

Being a blogger is something that some folks might not understand, especially when there is no true direction for the blog itself.  But I consider myself a blogger and all that it entails.  You never know what or who you might find...

And maybe, just maybe, blogging allows you to find yourself, your dream and your direction.


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JessiwaB said...

Maggie, I love reading your blog posts! (Jess Beckman)

Unknown said...

I'm with you Maggie! I really just enjoy blogging and I don't care if anyone reads it :)

KristaM said...

Blogs are supposed to be a personal and creative outlet. And I think you do a WONDERFUL job at being honest and candid in your posts.

And followers schmollowers! -Closet Computer Geek Mode- Do you look at your site stats? If not, you may be surprised that you have a lot more visitors than you think! I know some blogs who have 5 followers but they have 1,000 people visiting a day. I think the followers is all about looks vs. personality yanno? A ton of followers looks great, but how many people are ACTUALLY visiting and reading your blog?

Sorry, long comment!! Keep up the blogginggggg!!


Andrea D said...

I blog for the same reasons! I love writing, I love my life and I want to remember the little everyday happenings (and to share our adventures with our friends and family miles away).
Very well-written :)

jes @ twosmuppies said...

I blog because I type faster than I can yell in an argument ;) I'm only kind of kidding. I blog so that I can laugh about myself. It was nice to read this post of yours. Its a reminder of what blogging should really be about!
x Jes, new follower from www.twosmuppies.com

Nina said...

I love you, I love your honest blogging and I love this post! This is your space to have fun and do whatever you want with. I guarantee that you are having a positive impact on at least one person daily. Hey, I smile several times each time I read so one person right there!! Let your heart lead you and just write about whatever you feel called to share. That's what readers like. Honesty from the heart. And I know yours is a beautiful one!

P.S. Thanks for the shout out...although I hardly call myself a gourmet chef!! xoxoxo

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

oh how I love this. don't get me wrong, I love a good fashion blog and adore those amazing recipes. but, real life wins for me. congrats on doing this so well. and burning things?? you don't even want to know ...

Krista said...

Found you through Tiff at the Coffehouse. You said so many things in the post that I can relate to! I continually find myself feeling bad that my blog has no true direction! But I quickly remind myself that my blog is my blog. I make the rules:) Looking forward to reading more about you and your fam!

Unknown said...

I love this post! Glad this is your space and looking forward to following your life. It's refreshing to hear someone else acknowledge that their live it's always perfect...but they love it. Hope you stop by and see me sometime. ;)

Unknown said...

Hey! Great, honest post, I love it! And I understand it completely. I think its something that you just have to keep tinkering at. You ARE a great writer, and if you enjoy it, just keep at it. Running is the same in a way. If you just go for a 5-10 minute run a couple times a week (even if you walk a little), at least you've gotten out there. And it (usually) becomes addicting, you want to do it more and more b/c it makes you feel good! So just take baby steps and stay steady...you've got this!

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