You Wear White and I'll Wear Out the Words I Love You


When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. - When Harry Met Sally

So, I realize that this post is way later than the others,  but I like to keep y'all in suspense when I can.

The wedding day is more than just the "big day."  It's the day that changes your entire life.  You never forget the day that you said "I do."  You may not remember every moment or every detail right away, but they're sneaky and when you least expect it, a smell or sound will trigger a flood of memories.

For a week I had kept an eye on the forecast for June 16th, praying for sunshine and good temperatures.  God truly blessed Brittany and Tyler with the weather that day because there was a 0% chance of  rain and it never cross the 80 degree mark.

I'm always jealous of guys and their "getting ready" routine on a normal day, but especially a wedding day.  While the girls have to ensure every hair is in its place and makeup is set and tear-proof, the guys shower, maybe shave, and they're done.  How is that remotely fair?  But the time spent making pretty girls prettier, paid off and everyone, but especially the bride, looked beautiful!

finishing touches

The ceremony was beautiful, extremely touching and successful!

The Webb's!!
The reception was so fun from start to finish with some delicious food in the middle.

There was dancing...

such a sweet first dance
awesome father/daughter dance
There was cake...

And there was just a lot of fun and love...

after singing "I Say a Little Prayer for You"
It was a perfect, beautiful day which is exactly what they deserved.

Tyler and Brittany, I am beyond happy for you guys and consider it a blessing to have been able to celebrate you on your wedding day! I love you both!


Practice Love, Kindness and Walking in a Straight Line


This may be odd, but I love wedding rehearsals and the dinner that follows.  The myriad of emotions that swirl around are almost tangible.  It serves as the reality check that the thing you've planning for for months is actually about to happen.

After our food filled, poolside afternoon, we headed to Brittany's parents to shower and get ready to head over to WinMock for the rehearsal.

happy bride
I hadn't had a chance to see WinMock until Friday, and was amazed at how wonderfully an old dairy barn had been converted into the perfect venue for a wedding. It was simultaneously elegant and comfortable, which I believe is quite an accomplishment. 

But before the rehearsal could officially start, the groomsmen had to earn their keep...  

For the wedding, Tyler's family had painstakingly crafted and built a beautiful arbor to be used during the ceremony. However, in order to get a custom built arbor made of solid wood in place, more than one set of muscles are required.

Once it was in place, the rehearsing commenced, and I was once again startled at how much time and coordination goes into a wedding rehearsal.  All of the details and placement of hands and finding the right degree to angle your body is somewhat shocking. You really wouldn't think walking a few feet and standing would require practice, but when a wedding is at stake, practice is an absolute must.  Thankfully, Brittany and Tyler have intelligent friends that care about them a great deal and after a couple of tries, I'd say we were all pretty skilled in walking in a straight line and standing exactly where and how we should be. 

taking it all in
me and my good looking date
The rehearsal dinner was at one of my favorite restaurants in Winston; Village Tavern.  I'm almost positive that I've never had anything that I didn't love from there.  Also, if you haven't already gathered, I kinda love food. 

waiting for our table to get ready
After dinner, the toasts (also known as tear inducing speeches) began.  I wish I could find the rewind button and do mine over because I was somewhat of a rambling, emotional mess.  But they didn't kick me out of the wedding party so I must have been okay.  When Brittany's dad stood up to say his sweet words, tears had formed in my eyes before he said anything.  I have always considered Brittany's parents as my second set of parents, so their emotion was almost more than I could handle. 

Two of Tyler's groomsmen also gave extremely heartfelt, sweet toasts before it was all said and done, and I wish I could have recorded every word.  The love and support these two have is incredible and I consider myself blessed to be apart of their lives.

After dinner, all of the girls headed back to Brittany's parents house for one final, celebratory slumber party.  Somewhere along the line, my brain stopped working and I didn't think to get the camera to get pictures of the gifts all the bridesmaids gave Brittany.  Seriously, that may be the first time I've ever done that. However, despite the lack of pictures, it was an extremely sweet time and I hope that we provided her with a memorable last night as a non-married woman.

One thing I did remember to snap a picture of was the "Mr." and "Mrs." luggage tags I got them for their honeymoon suitcases!

Next up, the final recap--the wedding day! And if you thought I'd posted a lot of pictures at this point, you haven't seen anything yet :) 

Always Take Time to Eat Good Food and Celebrate


I wish I was the kind of person that could be quick and to the point, but since I'm not, y'all should prepare yourselves in knowing this is one of at least three recap posts from this past weekend.

I would say sorry, but this was an amazing weekend, so no apologies :)

Brittany's bridal luncheon took place on Friday at one of the most beautiful homes I have ever been to.  It was a custom built house sitting on 35 acres of land, and was complete with horses, dogs and a goat.  In short, it was amazing.

I wish I would have taken more pictures, but it still wouldn't have done this place justice.  I didn't even  feel like I was in North Carolina anymore, much less right outside of Winston-Salem. The only thing that made me feel a little off was this...

You could definitely tell this had once been attached to a body and therefore, was slightly disconcerting.

The luncheon was also the first time that all of the bridesmaids have had a chance to be together with Brittany, so that was really special.

Lunch was from this amazing cafe, The Carving Board. If you're ever in Winston and hungry, I recommend this place for sure.  It was yummy and I couldn't help but get seconds at least a couple of times.

After lunch, we got to partake in a little southern tradition called the Charm Cake.  I have heard of these before, but never have actually "participated" in one.

It's a fun way for the bride-to-be to give a sweet, meaningful token to her bridesmaids. It was fun to see what everyone got and to hear the reasons she picked the charms she did.  The cake was positively delicious, but after the equally delicious lunch, I couldn't even finish half of a piece.  You should know, for me not to finish cake is a really big deal because I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas.

So obviously after eating multiple second helpings and cake, the next item on the agenda was to put on bathing suites.

Ask me if I took my cover-up off...

Regardless, it was so great to just relax poolside and enjoy each others company before having to go get pretty for the rehearsal.
a relaxed beautiful bride to be
one of our bridesmaids gifts! 
And regardless of how relaxing the pool can be, you always need a bit of entertainment...

Amy showing off her diving skills
Next up, the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner aka the dinner where everyone shed at least one tear.

I wish I was kidding.


Marry Me Today and Every Day...


Is it sad that I still feel as though I'm re-cooperating from this past weekend?

That's the thing about wedding weekends; they're exhausting in the most glorious of ways.  I felt happy, excited, sad, and a myriad of other emotions every moment this past weekend as I watched my best friend for over decade prepare to become a wife...

Having the opportunity to see her and Tyler grow together throughout the years, has truly been a blessing.  I've seen the ups, the downs and the in-betweens.  There is not a doubt in my mind the love they have for one another will withstand the tests of time and life.  Their differences serve as compliments and the compliments provide completeness.

Check back tomorrow for the first recap post! I'll try my hardest to not overwhelm y'all with pictures, but I can't promise anything...


1460 Days and Counting


It's hard for me to believe that my sweet husband and I will have said I do four years ago on Thursday.

Four years.

It does not seem possible. It's gone by so fast and so not fast all at the same time.  Sometimes it feels as if I just blinked and was in my wedding dress and other times it seems like a lifetime ago that I walked the aisle. And to some extent, I suppose that's true.

My life, my world, completely changed on June 14, 2008.  It was no longer just about me and what my dreams were and what I wanted for dinner.  When I said those 2 sweet, life changing words, it became about so much more than me. It became about my husband and our life together.  Gone was "me" and "you" and in it's place was "we".

The past 4 years have been at any one time been incredibly fun, insanely hard, terribly trying and overall, a ride that I wouldn't trade for anything.  I have learned that marriage is made up of moments that we enjoy, love and hold on to with all that we have and all that we are.

Thank you, Andrew James, for an amazing 4 years of marriage. You are my best friend and there is no one else I would want by my side throughout this thing called life and this journey called marriage. 


A Bit of Encouragement and a Few Reminders


Now considering my last post was last month (can y'all believe it's June?!), I should probably do more that this. However, I believe the words below are a lot better than anything I could attempt to come up with at this point in time.

Days are long and not necessarily easy, therefore we could all stand a few reminders and a little bit of encouragement...

I love this

that little engine had it right all along
After the past couple of days I've had, these quotes are just what my heart and spirit needed. Happy Tuesday everyone!

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