Practice Love, Kindness and Walking in a Straight Line


This may be odd, but I love wedding rehearsals and the dinner that follows.  The myriad of emotions that swirl around are almost tangible.  It serves as the reality check that the thing you've planning for for months is actually about to happen.

After our food filled, poolside afternoon, we headed to Brittany's parents to shower and get ready to head over to WinMock for the rehearsal.

happy bride
I hadn't had a chance to see WinMock until Friday, and was amazed at how wonderfully an old dairy barn had been converted into the perfect venue for a wedding. It was simultaneously elegant and comfortable, which I believe is quite an accomplishment. 

But before the rehearsal could officially start, the groomsmen had to earn their keep...  

For the wedding, Tyler's family had painstakingly crafted and built a beautiful arbor to be used during the ceremony. However, in order to get a custom built arbor made of solid wood in place, more than one set of muscles are required.

Once it was in place, the rehearsing commenced, and I was once again startled at how much time and coordination goes into a wedding rehearsal.  All of the details and placement of hands and finding the right degree to angle your body is somewhat shocking. You really wouldn't think walking a few feet and standing would require practice, but when a wedding is at stake, practice is an absolute must.  Thankfully, Brittany and Tyler have intelligent friends that care about them a great deal and after a couple of tries, I'd say we were all pretty skilled in walking in a straight line and standing exactly where and how we should be. 

taking it all in
me and my good looking date
The rehearsal dinner was at one of my favorite restaurants in Winston; Village Tavern.  I'm almost positive that I've never had anything that I didn't love from there.  Also, if you haven't already gathered, I kinda love food. 

waiting for our table to get ready
After dinner, the toasts (also known as tear inducing speeches) began.  I wish I could find the rewind button and do mine over because I was somewhat of a rambling, emotional mess.  But they didn't kick me out of the wedding party so I must have been okay.  When Brittany's dad stood up to say his sweet words, tears had formed in my eyes before he said anything.  I have always considered Brittany's parents as my second set of parents, so their emotion was almost more than I could handle. 

Two of Tyler's groomsmen also gave extremely heartfelt, sweet toasts before it was all said and done, and I wish I could have recorded every word.  The love and support these two have is incredible and I consider myself blessed to be apart of their lives.

After dinner, all of the girls headed back to Brittany's parents house for one final, celebratory slumber party.  Somewhere along the line, my brain stopped working and I didn't think to get the camera to get pictures of the gifts all the bridesmaids gave Brittany.  Seriously, that may be the first time I've ever done that. However, despite the lack of pictures, it was an extremely sweet time and I hope that we provided her with a memorable last night as a non-married woman.

One thing I did remember to snap a picture of was the "Mr." and "Mrs." luggage tags I got them for their honeymoon suitcases!

Next up, the final recap--the wedding day! And if you thought I'd posted a lot of pictures at this point, you haven't seen anything yet :) 

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Unknown said...

Aw that is so sweet! Can't wait to see their wedding.

CAC muffin said...

I live your dress!!!

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