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This past weekend, we headed up to Chapel Hill to see two of my favorite people, Carly and Allen, start their life together as husband and wife.  Also, if you find yourself thinking a lot of my friends are getting married this year, you'd be right.

Andrew and I met Carly in 2009 when she took some AMAZING photos of us... 

Little did I know that the girl behind the camera would become one of my dearest friends for years to come.

The wedding was at a beautiful church right off Franklin Street, but sadly, pictures were not allowed.  The reception was at Bay 7 in Durham and it was one of the coolest reception sites I've ever been to.  It was an open, blank canvas that was waiting for a bride's creative touch, which is exactly what Carly did...

We spent the night making new friends, eating good southern food and just showing off our awesome dance skills.

Seriously, if you're ever having a not so great day and are in need of a laugh, just ask for a video of my "dance skills"...it'll brighten your day right up.

No visit to Chapel Hill is complete without a little bit of sightseeing.  It doesn't matter how often I visit that little college down that has been doused in the perfect shade of blue; I cannot get enough of it.  Andrew and I have made and have been given a lot of wonderful memories there.  And as silly as it sounds since I never lived there, Chapel Hill sometimes feels like home.

After sightseeing around campus, we headed over to Suttons, a Chapel Hill institution that neither of us had ever been, for a delicious lunch.  And though we were completely stuffed, it made sense to walk over to Krispy Kreme afterwards because the "Hot Now" sign was on and I'm pretty sure it's illegal if you don't get a dozen when that's the case.  Then the perpetual bittersweet moment arrived of getting in the car to head home.

It was a wonderful weekend that I'm not sure could have been any better.  But with that said, I'm extremely thankful that the next couple of weekends will be spent here at home.  That hasn't happened a lot this summer and I plan on enjoying it! 


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Unknown said...

Lovely post! That place looks so charming.

Carly said...

This makes me so incredibly happy :) I love you both so much and am so grateful you were part of our special day!!! Xoxo

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