Life in the South


I love being from the south.  I say "y'all" and "bless her heart" and expect all restaurants to serve grits and biscuits and gravy for breakfast.  And the older I get, the more I appreciate front porches and sweet tea.

What I do not love about the south is summertime, and more specifically, the temperatures that can sometimes go with the being below the Mason-Dixon line.

Seriously, a weather thermometer should never read in the triple digits. Never. Ever.

I am beyond thankful that we haven't lost power and I'm praying for those that have.

My way of rebelling against this insane heatwave this past weekend, was to go a bit crazy on my fall and Christmas Pinterest boards.  I'm sure my husband wondered why I kept showing him pictures of pumpkins and Christmas wreaths that "we HAVE to make," but we'll just consider it my coping mechanism.

great idea

the perfect fall ensemble must be comfy and cozy
I like simple, pretty decoration ideas

the wreath "we HAVE to make"

Yes, I know it's only July 2nd. And, yes, I know that in the south, fall can be slow to arrive.  Regardless of those minor details, at least I'll be prepared for whenever the beautiful season of autumn decides to grace North Carolina with it's presence.

But until then, I will love the steady, ever present hum of our air condition and make sure our ice cream maker earns it's keep!


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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

well, I'm not from the south, but I love saying "bless her heart". but I probably sound dumb saying it. anywho, can fall please get here already?! 106 expected this weekend. blah.

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