3 Things That Make Me Happy


There used to be a time I had enough brain power to write blog posts.  As it currently stands, I consider myself lucky if I can form complete sentences.  I'm just chalking the year of 2012 as a busy and at times, over-capacity year.

But amidst the busyness, there are so many things that I'm thankful for and that have blessed me beyond belief.  September is turning out to be one of those months where there are so many things happening, I realized I had no excuse not to blog!  So the three things below are in no particular order, but they all make me quite happy...

ONE. The start of football season.  College, professional, I'll take it anyway it comes.  The start of football means that fall is here (for the most part) and there is nothing better than that.

TWO. My friend Allison's bachelorette party!  My sweet friend is getting married in a matter of weeks, and this weekend is all about celebrating her!

THREE. Trip to Charleston to meet Whitney and Brett's sweet addition!  Whitney is my oldest friend and I have no doubt she is going to be an incredible mom.

Happy last day of August and Labor Day weekend everyone!


Our Home: Kitchen Ideas


When we bought our house two years ago, I had all these visions of what I wanted to do and the changes I wanted to make.

These visions did not include the costs and time the changes and personal touches would require.  However, with a big thanks to Pinterest, my visions are starting to take some shape and may even have a chance to become a reality.

The first room I want to tackle is the kitchen, which is somewhat intimidating considering it is such a big part of a home.  I've been doing a lot of research, though, of DIY projects that may take some time, but will make a huge difference.

Kitchen Ideas:

I love the window shelf and the paned glass.  This would be perfect in our kitchen because we have window right above our sink and it adds a little something without being overbearing.

One thing about our kitchen that I am not a huge fan of is the size.  It's big enough for us, but it's still on the small size.  I want to make sure the colors that we incorporate give the feel of open and airy.  Though we don't have these small windows, I love the wall color and cabinet colors of this kitchen.  Since I'm all about doing this on a budget, we won't be replacing the cabinets, but rather painting them and replacing the hardware.  I love her tutorial and I know that redoing cabinets alone will give the kitchen a whole new look

Another big aspect will be the counters.  Right now they're lament and I hate them.  For awhile, I was positive I would just have to live with it because replacing them would be WAY out of our budget, but then thanks to Pinterest and blogs, I learned there are a myriad of ways to give lament a new look.  My favorite is probably this one
Believe it or not, those are lament counters that have been sponge painted.  Amazing! 

The final step, though I have no idea when this would take place, are the floors. We have linoleum right now, but I really want tile.  This is where not having a large kitchen comes in handy because I don't think it will cost too much for us to tile the floor.

So that does it for my kitchen dream list!  Any suggestions/personal experience stories are more than welcome!

Next up: the master bathroom! 


A Tuesday Reminder


Happy Tuesday my friends!


Hey...it's Tuesday


Hello to all the left brain, right brain, pug brain readers!  I'm so happy to have you here and I hope you stick around for a little bit.

See? Happy!
One thing you should know about me, is I do not take myself to seriously.  A wise man once said you shouldn't take life to seriously because you'll never get out alive.  Never mind that man was Van Wilder.

I am a massively, ginormous Tar Heel fan and that's actually how my sweet husband and I began our friendship.  Little did we know that friendship would soon turn into a lifelong love.

We have been married for a little over four years, and though we don't have any "real" children, our two pups, Sam and Dani, are good substitutes for now.


I get told a lot that I look like this girl,

but I always disagree.  

However, I am so pumped for her new album to come out in October and I'm also pretty sure we could be friends because she has said she likes to bake things with cinnamon and pumpkin and she loves fall.  Which brings me to another thing you should be aware of; when it comes to the seasons of fall and Christmas, I'm obnoxiously excited.  I love the smells, the food, the clothes, pretty much everything about them both.  I say that to prepare those of you that stick around for the upcoming months.

Other than that, I'm just your average 20 something southern girl trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  If you want to know some of the things I'm considering, check them out here.  Anything else you want to know, please feel free to ask! I love comments and "meeting" new people :) 

Happy Tuesday!


Living the Dream


Clearly, I have no fears of being repetitive because I'm aware this isn't the first time I've written on this particular subject matter.

I often joke that whoever decided the work day should be at least eight hours and the work week should be longer than the weekend, clearly didn't have to work.  It saddens me when I really think about the amount of time spent sitting in my little cube and the minimal amount of time I get to truly live my life.  I'm trying to be better at managing my time, but that's a work in progress for sure.

Another joke I like to make is that I have yet to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  I really don't know what made me think as a child that adults have it all figured out.  The older I get, the more I realize it's kids that have the right idea of how to live life.

I've come up with some career ideas that I think I would be great at, though at best, they're slightly far-fetched.

Professional Coffee/Lunch Date
If I could figure out to receive monetary compensation while being the person that my friends could always rely on to grab a cup of coffee or eat lunch with, I believe I would have found the perfect job for me.  How great would that be?

Stay-at-Home Dog Mom
First of all, I realize this wouldn't be socially accepted as a job, but I think it's fantastic.  I know Sam and Dani would back me up.

Country Singer
For as long as I can remember, I've dreamed of being a singer of some sort.  Never mind stages and microphones terrify me and reduce my legs to jello.  Small details.

Book Reviewer
Though mostly joking, I think I could be halfway good at this, unless of course I had to read/review a book I didn't like or couldn't get into.  When I was selected to review a copy of John Grisham's latest novel, Calico Joe, I realized it was a task I could get used to.

This idea is not a joke at all.  In fact, getting to do this, would really be living the dream.  This is the thing in my life that I "just need to put my mind to" because I would love to make my living writing.  At least once a week I tell myself to sit down and write for my sports blog.  Does it happen?  Not even a little bit, but it will. Eventually, I'll get tired of my procrastination skills, shove my fear of rejections and succeeding (they're sometimes one in the same) out of the way, and write towards my dream.

So though I might not be any of the things I mentioned above yet, living the dream is like living life; it's just a matter of getting  up and starting.  And like Mark Twain once said, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.


Friday's Letters


Dear summer, why are insisting on still being here?  Wouldn't you like to take this year off early?

Dear time management skills, I wish you were more abundant in my life lately.

Dear adorable fall outfit, I would like for you to get in my closet right now and I hope the Starbucks cup is filled with pumpkin spice deliciousness.

Dear soon-to-be home management binder, I'm quite excited to work on you this weekend because you are long overdue.

Dear Olympics, I've loved you more this year than any other year I can remember.  The U.S. has some amazing athletes and I was beyond excited for the women's soccer team yesterday!


Dear anyone that wants to buy me a birthday present, I would like this.  Please and thank you.

Happy Friday everyone!


7 Current Loves


1. this author

2. this dress

3. this nail color

4. these girls

5. this verse

6. this group

7. this hair color


Taking Part


The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well. 
Pierre de Coubertin

Olympic games are unbelievably and inexplicably unique.  When else would you concern yourself with obscure sports like table tennis or handball?  Chances are, you wouldn't.  But every four years, all sports, no matter their level of obscurity, matter.  We care simply because "teams" are synonymous with "country."

The Olympics provide a sense of community throughout the country, which in itself, is impressive.  We cheer, yell and maybe even cry over and for "our" athletes.  It doesn't matter what their college colors are or were or what professional team they're associated with.  All that matters is that for two weeks, each of the competing athletes and all of us watching, are aligned with the United States of America.

Yesterday, I purposefully and actively stayed away from anything that might have even hinted at the results of the women's gymnastic team finals.  When it was all said it done, it was well worth it.  To be able to watch their cumulative reaction was well worth any news I missed throughout the day.

My level of skill in any and all things related to rhythm and balance, could be described as mediocre at best.  I think that's one reason I love watching gymnastics as much as I do; those who can't do, watch and live vicariously.  Personally, I believe each of the athletes competing in London right now, are amazing.  I am unable to fathom the level of discipline, desire and passion it takes to get to that point, but thankful for those that posses it.

The 2012 London Games will be over in a matter of days, so take in all the moments you can; the breathtaking skill; the shocking finishes; and everything in between. 


A Weekend Recap in the Middle of the Week

Per usual, I can't believe we've started a new month!  Today marks the start of my least favorite month (anyone else have one of those?).  The reason I dislike August is also the reason I (in theory) should like it; it's represents the end of summer, but fall still seems so far away.

But while we're still in summer, may as well in enjoy the London games!

The Olympics definitely mean more to me as an adult then when I was younger and I love the fact that regardless of the individual sports teams we pull for, we're all pulling for the same team of red, white and blue!  A couple of friends came over last Friday to enjoy fish and chips in honor of the Opening Ceremony.  I was really excited when I found a recipe for baked fish and chips, and in my opinion, they were better than if they would've been fried.

The Opening Ceremony was kind of the most bizarre/theatrical ceremony I've ever seen.  I also half expected to see Effie Trinket's face to pop up on the screen and announce "Happy Olympic Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor."

On Saturday, my friend Allison came down to Charlotte for the afternoon.  I had been wanting to try The Cowfish out for awhile, so I thought this would be the perfect place for lunch.  It did not disappoint at all with it's incredibly unique menu consisting of amazing burgers and specialty sushi.  I ended up trying their Apple, Berry & Brie Turkey Burger and my mouth starts watering just thinking about it!  If you're ever in Charlotte, you HAVE to go here!  You won't regret it.

After lunch, we did a little shopping, which turned out to be extremely successful.  One thing I got was this lovely gadget

A Cuisinart SmartStick Blender!  I haven't used it yet, but I have high hopes for all the possibilities.  The other items I got mostly consisted of things I didn't know I needed, but all of a sudden couldn't live without.  Anyone else ever experience that?  Regardless, it was a borderline perfect Saturday.

On Sunday, we finally went to see The Dark Knight Rises and as expected, loved it.  Since my attention span leaves a lot to be desired, long movies and I usually don't mesh well, but Batman just doesn't let go.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend!

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