3 Things That Make Me Happy


There used to be a time I had enough brain power to write blog posts.  As it currently stands, I consider myself lucky if I can form complete sentences.  I'm just chalking the year of 2012 as a busy and at times, over-capacity year.

But amidst the busyness, there are so many things that I'm thankful for and that have blessed me beyond belief.  September is turning out to be one of those months where there are so many things happening, I realized I had no excuse not to blog!  So the three things below are in no particular order, but they all make me quite happy...

ONE. The start of football season.  College, professional, I'll take it anyway it comes.  The start of football means that fall is here (for the most part) and there is nothing better than that.

TWO. My friend Allison's bachelorette party!  My sweet friend is getting married in a matter of weeks, and this weekend is all about celebrating her!

THREE. Trip to Charleston to meet Whitney and Brett's sweet addition!  Whitney is my oldest friend and I have no doubt she is going to be an incredible mom.

Happy last day of August and Labor Day weekend everyone!


2 i love your comments!:

Cassandra said...

Great things to be happy about! Babies and Bachelorette parties :) I'm so happy for the start of the football season too!!!

AbbieJames said...

Lovely photos :D Xxxx

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