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When we bought our house two years ago, I had all these visions of what I wanted to do and the changes I wanted to make.

These visions did not include the costs and time the changes and personal touches would require.  However, with a big thanks to Pinterest, my visions are starting to take some shape and may even have a chance to become a reality.

The first room I want to tackle is the kitchen, which is somewhat intimidating considering it is such a big part of a home.  I've been doing a lot of research, though, of DIY projects that may take some time, but will make a huge difference.

Kitchen Ideas:

I love the window shelf and the paned glass.  This would be perfect in our kitchen because we have window right above our sink and it adds a little something without being overbearing.

One thing about our kitchen that I am not a huge fan of is the size.  It's big enough for us, but it's still on the small size.  I want to make sure the colors that we incorporate give the feel of open and airy.  Though we don't have these small windows, I love the wall color and cabinet colors of this kitchen.  Since I'm all about doing this on a budget, we won't be replacing the cabinets, but rather painting them and replacing the hardware.  I love her tutorial and I know that redoing cabinets alone will give the kitchen a whole new look

Another big aspect will be the counters.  Right now they're lament and I hate them.  For awhile, I was positive I would just have to live with it because replacing them would be WAY out of our budget, but then thanks to Pinterest and blogs, I learned there are a myriad of ways to give lament a new look.  My favorite is probably this one
Believe it or not, those are lament counters that have been sponge painted.  Amazing! 

The final step, though I have no idea when this would take place, are the floors. We have linoleum right now, but I really want tile.  This is where not having a large kitchen comes in handy because I don't think it will cost too much for us to tile the floor.

So that does it for my kitchen dream list!  Any suggestions/personal experience stories are more than welcome!

Next up: the master bathroom! 


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Cassandra said...

I owe Pinterest a great deal when it comes to cheap redecorating. I love those sponge brush painted lament counters you found!

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