My Plan for Today


This is my plan for the day

It appears the bug that has been making it's way around finally caught me.  So you can find me on the couch with the items pictured above and some college football on the television.  I hope everyone enjoys their last September Saturday!

Well, Hey There...Remember Me?


If there is such a thing as blog withdrawal, I have it.  The good thing is, life is finally starting to slow down, therefore, I plan on actually having things to say again.

Just not this morning.

So I will let Pinterest speak for me...

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

(all images from this board)

My Fall Musts


If you have gathered from the past couple of posts, I kinda like fall.  The seasonal gifts that autumn brings with its arrival are hard to beat.

ONE. Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  I can't believe I haven't had one of these yet this year, but I see that changing in the near future.

Flavors and smells are a huge thing for me in these cooler seasons and pumpkin spice lattes embody fall in the little cups they're served in.

TWO. Boots.  Riding boots, UGG boots (or a knockoff brand in my case), short boots; I love them all.  And after seeing these all over Pinterest,  I will definitely be investing in a couple pairs!

THREE. Scarves. Oh my gosh...I love them.  I even try to make scarves work in the summer.  In the south.  It normally doesn't work.  Scarves just have the ability to make an outfit go from plain to incredibly cute.  And the best part about them is that they can be incredibly inexpensive.  Always a plus.

FOUR. Hoodies.  I really feel no need to explain this one.  Fall is all about being comfy and cozy and a hoodie is just that.

FIVE. Candles.  I am a firm believer that cooler weather demands warm smells and candles become a constant in our home when the temperature starts to fall.

I could probably list a few other things, but I'll stop there and instead make a promise y'all that I will try to make this my last post about fall and the things I love about it...but I cannot guarantee anything. 


A Sunday Post


I'm currently sitting on my living room floor watching football, the window is opened and I'm working on getting sick from these

The unofficial start to fall just makes my heart smile.  I get positively giddy when I think of all that's coming our way; cool mornings and crisp nights; steaming crockpots of chili; hoodies...the list goes on and on.

My biggest decision today is whether or not I will decorate our house with all of our fall decorations.  It's quite a conundrum.  I may just enjoy the breeze blowing into our home and the multitude of football games my husband keeps flipping between.  Either way, I believe this is going to be one great Sunday afternoon.

I've been crazed with checking the temperature predictions for the upcoming weeks and crossing my fingers for something that would not be in the lower nineties or upper eighties, and it seems as if my wish has come true!

It may not quite be Boone weather, but I'll take it for now!  And speaking of Boone, check out this amazing shot from last nights win...

beautiful! c/o Appalachian State University
And with that, I will y'all a happy Sunday :)
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