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I'm currently sitting on my living room floor watching football, the window is opened and I'm working on getting sick from these

The unofficial start to fall just makes my heart smile.  I get positively giddy when I think of all that's coming our way; cool mornings and crisp nights; steaming crockpots of chili; hoodies...the list goes on and on.

My biggest decision today is whether or not I will decorate our house with all of our fall decorations.  It's quite a conundrum.  I may just enjoy the breeze blowing into our home and the multitude of football games my husband keeps flipping between.  Either way, I believe this is going to be one great Sunday afternoon.

I've been crazed with checking the temperature predictions for the upcoming weeks and crossing my fingers for something that would not be in the lower nineties or upper eighties, and it seems as if my wish has come true!

It may not quite be Boone weather, but I'll take it for now!  And speaking of Boone, check out this amazing shot from last nights win...

beautiful! c/o Appalachian State University
And with that, I will y'all a happy Sunday :)

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short stack said...

i saw this pic on facebook. i love it. how perfect is that! i'm envious of your cooler temperatures. ours aren't much worse but i just wish we could have something in the 70s :( i want to take caylin out for a walk and i feel like she'll burn up! can't wait to see you! and PUT DOWN THE CANDY CORN WOMAN.

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