It's Allison's Turn!


Happy Wednesday, everyone!  I love that we're out of August and into September, which means that soon the 90 degree weather will be distant memory and crisp fall air will become the new normal.

My Labor Day weekend was spent in Wilmington celebrating Allison and her "last fling before the ring!"  I drove down Friday morning and got there in plenty of time to spend a few hours on the beach.  It was the perfect way to start of what was going to be a really fun weekend.

Friday night was spent devouring homemade lasagna and apple pie and decorating wine glasses.  I'm probably the least artistic person I know, so this wasn't my forte, but it was still extremely enjoyable.

And the reason we decorated wine glasses, was to use at this place...

Needless to say, my severe lack of artistic skills was on full display Saturday afternoon.  Thankfully, our instructor was extremely patient and I'm convinced she had magical powers.  Or at least something resembling magic...

the whole group with their finished product
It was pretty cool to see how everyone's personality came out while painting the same tree.

Saturday night served as Allison's bachelorette night and we were a beautiful group if I do so say myself!
me and the bride!
the bride and her maids
our ride to dinner
I believe it's safe to say that the bride-to-be felt celebrated and it was an extremely fun weekend!  It's hard to believe that Allison will say "I do" in less than three weeks, but I consider myself blessed to stand beside her when she does! 


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Kristin said...

I'm with you - soooo excited that September is here, and hoping it will bring with it some deliciously cool temperatures :-). Actually, last night here in VA was amazing! First taste of the cool fall breeze for us. Did that make it down to NC? - It sounds like you had an amazing time at your friends "last fling"! What fun memories! - So fun to find your blog today, and I always really enjoy discovering semi-local bloggers too ( 4 hours counts, right??). :-) Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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