Weekend Recap & Looking Ahead


If you haven't gathered, I like fall.  And in my world, "like" means "love in a borderline obsessive way."  What can I say?  I don't like doing things halfway and absolutely believe seasons should be celebrated. 

This past Saturday, I was able to go on an apple picking adventure with my friends Alisha and Jen at the Apple Hill Orchards. I was a little worried because I have the tendency to build things up and then I'm left feeling let down when my expectations aren't met.  In this case, though, my worrying was unnecessary and incredibly pointless.  We could not have asked for better weather or a more perfect place.  When it was all said and done, we picked approximately 50 apples and it cost less than $20, which means picking your own is not only fun, but is financially smart.  I love a win-win.

Another fantastic thing about this weekend was I had my first experience with Whole Foods.  One visit and I am hooked!  It would be great if the prices would work their way down a little, but regardless, it was a magical place (at least by grocery store standards).  It's on our way home from church, so I could see that being a blessing an issue in the future.

Speaking of church, this Sunday's sermon, was amazing.  There is no way for me to summarize it in one word, but here are a few of the notes that I took...
+ when God wants to teach me something, He will take me to a place where I'm uneasy
+ if God is in it, it won't fail
+ when you stop defending yourself, Jesus will become your defender 
+ you can't live life painting leaky spots; allow God to seal you up with His ways
+ can't blame "being leaky" the weather or problems; they're inevitable
+ faith is not built on answers; it's built while you wait. Faith is made during the delay
I love when I'm open to what God wants me to hear as opposed to sitting in the pew thinking our pastor is talking to all of those around me.  The only way to grow and learn is to actually be teachable.

This coming weekend will be spent with our friends, Chris and Kristen, and an adorable cabin in Blowing Rock.  Part of me feels like a 65 year old woman because one of the things I'm most excited about is seeing the leaves, but how can you not appreciate this...

via E.Young
I know this season will be ending soon, so I plan on embracing each moment that comes my way.  Even if that means I'm acting 30 years older than I currently am.


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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Oh that last picture ... I can't quit staring!! I'm with you ... fall is the best!

sandi said...

i stumbled upon you through some sort of random clicks but God needed me to see what you had written. hmmm, when God wants to teach me something, he will take me to a place where i'm uneasy... i can relate to that right now. i have had this unsettled feeling for a while so i guess i just need to start waiting on him to teach me. happy blogging!

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