Once Upon a Time, I Blogged...


Oh my blog! How I've missed you! Just when I think life is going to slow down long enough for me to actually be allowed to call myself a blogger, I'm proven wrong.

I hate being wrong.

I probably shouldn't be so shocked that my last post was in a different month, but here I am, shocked. And not only is it a different month, I am a different age.

That's right.  I was 26 for my last blog post and I am now writing my next one at 27. Scary.  I tried to convince everyone to let me stay 26, but still celebrate my birthday. They failed to see how that could work. My birthday was pretty low key, which was ideal considering the rest of this year has not been. Sweet husband got me a Kindle, which was exactly what I wanted!

Last weekend we went to a bonfire and had a great time.  I'm starting to realize that we as humans rely too much on always doing something, and by humans, I mean me.  We all had such a great time sitting around (on bales of hay I might add) and doing nothing but enjoying each others company.  In world of being constantly connected, it was nice to be momentarily relieved of social media. Although I can neither confirm or deny if I posted this picture to Instagram.

And in other news, I've started writing for the Examiner!  I would love for you guys to check me out :) The more visits, the better!

Sadly, this is all I have the capacity for on this lazy Saturday, but I PROMISE to post multiple times next week.  Ambitious, I know.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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Unknown said...

glad to see your back!!!! sweet kindle!! i have one, my mother in law gave me her old one for christmas last year, best regift i ever got!!!! glad to see all is well maggie!!!! =)

short stack said...

we can stay 26 together. i won't tell anyone.

please come visit sometime. brett's buddy actually bought us a firepit. we have a bunch of chairs. we can have a firepit in our "backyard" or our garage. i will buy marshmallows. i have a bunch of hot chocolate!!!

i miss you :( caylin needs to meet her aunt.

we will be in mooresville for thanksgiving. wednesday through saturday. possibly sunday but i doubt it. will you be in charlotte or winston?

Michaela said...

Eek yay for being 27 and yay for a kindle!! Bondfires are so fun...I just love sitting around and doing nothing, being away from everything and relaxing with friends and family!

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