Today is Never Too Late


Most people make their resolutions/goals/whatevers by January 1.  I, however, need a bit more time to fully grasp that we have indeed began a fresh start and this is my chance to be set my eyes on what this year will bring and offer.

As I said here, 2012 was not my favorite, but that doesn't change the fact that it was necessary.  Sometimes to appreciate being fully "awake," you have to be "asleep" for a little bit.  That's what I felt like throughout too much of 2012; I lost sight on the things I enjoy and the things that make me happy.

I started writing for the Examiner last October, but somewhere along the way, I stopped driving my passion and allowed cruise control get me to the end of the year (I know you're loving all of my analogies in this post). I kept blaming my lack of writing on writers block, which is not a lie, but the other part of it is I just stopped putting in the effort it needed and deserved. If I want my dream of being a sports writer to come into fruition, I have to actually work for it.

Another thing I started last fall were guitar lessons. Now, keep in mind, I never have had aspirations to be a music star, but I would like to be able to play well. In order for this to happen, practice has to be constant and it has to happen. I skimped in both of these areas, and I'm making a vow to myself to not let that happen this year.

These are two things I enjoy and want to be better at and therefore, should have no problem committing free time to.  But one thing I learned about myself last year is that when things aren't easy, I implement a defense mechanism called "laziness" OR I am just too busy with other things to focus on the things that I'm learning aren't easy.

With that said, one goal I have for this bright, shiny new year is to kick laziness to the curb. I'm not talking about just embracing having nothing to do because I believe there are times we all need to do that; I'm talking about letting life and it's blessings pass me by. No more!

Too often, I believe we set goals without actually taking the time to prayerfully preparing ourselves for what that entails. Words are easy, but in order for goals to be reached, action is a must.  It's easy to get in a habit of doing "just enough" or only what is required; but my resolution for this year is to go beyond that.  To be better than I was yesterday and still strive for improvement tomorrow.

I know we're in the latter half of January, but as a wise girl once said, "today is never too late to be brad new..."  I have to remember that in whatever I do, I should do it all for the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31).  God uses trials to teach us; I just have to be willing to learn.  2012 was a learning year and I will work to take those lessons into 2013.  


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Nicole said...

I love that wise girl. But I think you know this.

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