Normally...I'm a crazy person this time of year, but with Carolina falling to Kansas last week, my sanity is pretty well in tact for the duration of March Madness.

Normally...I don't think at home workouts are as effective for me, but after doing the Xbox Nike Kinect Training two days in row, I respectively disagree with myself.

Normally...I prefer my morning beverage to be of the coffee persuasion, but chai tea has been speaking to my heart.  I have had no problem listening.


Just wish I had this to make and drink it from!

Normally...once I've seen someone in concert, I'm good for at least a year.  This is not proving to be the case with Taylor Swift.  She will in Washington, D.C. the same time as we will in May, but the hubs seems to think it would be a little excessive to go again.  Not sure why he feels this way...

Normally...I am ready to cut my hair once it's started to grow out, but I'm really loving the length right now.  If only we had the money for me to make it blonde again!

Normally...I try to rush through seasons/months, but I'm really trying to be better at being content not only in the time of year, but also where God has me.

Normally...I don't like reading serious books, or books that make me think, but I am LOVING "One Thousand Gifts." Talk about stretching my mind!


I should also probably add normally I can barely write one post lately, so getting two done in one week is quite a feat!  I am finding though that my love for blogging is slowly working it's way back, though, and that makes me quite happy!

Anything "abnormal" for you lately?


It Feels Like the Perfect Night


Last October, Taylor Swift announced she would be starting her Red Tour this spring and ever since then, I've been counting down the days until she'd arrive in Charlotte on March 22.

I wish I was exaggerating when I say I literally searched for what I considered the "perfect" outfit for that night or that I made bets with myself on what her opening song would be.  However, I'm not.  When I get excited about something, it's all over. It's all I can think about (to a degree), but then because I'm me, I tried to slow the days down leading up to this past Friday because I knew once it was over, I'd be a little sad.  It's kinda like Christmas; you build it up and you look forward to it, and then before you can name a song that doesn't have to do with a broken heart, it's over.

Andrew was supposed to go with me, but then I lovingly passed my cold from last week to him, so my friend, T, was my date.  I think she was more than a little apprehensive, but she was excited for a reason to wear her cowboy boots!

Before the concert even started, I was told no less than five times that I "look just like her!"  For the record I disagree, but I think she's pretty, so I take it as a compliment.

Ed Sheeran opened up the show and he was incredible! I love his voice and watching him play guitar is somewhat mesmerizing.  Also, his British accent is pretty stinkin' adorable!

After he finished and the lights came back on for a few minutes, I obviously had to get a picture of these four sitting in front of us.

They were having the best time and they were sweet enough to give each of us a glow bracelet! I still have mine, but it's definitely no longer glowing.

Then the lights went down once more and deafening screams erupted throughout the arena.

A little more than halfway through this amazing show that I was enjoying from our amazing seats, one of my friends got a text that had the potential to make this night even better.  This particular friend knew someone that was on the floor, and they let her know he and his group were leaving and wanted to know if she would want his four tickets.

Um. Yes, please!!

I honestly felt like I was in a dream when we got down to there because it just didn't seem like this could be my life.

Once I regained my senses somewhat gained composure realized I could hold the camera while still losing my mind, I managed to get some great shots of the last few songs.

It was an incredible show I would have loved just as much if I would've been in the last seat of the last row.

It's funny how much I love Taylor Swift now because I used to hate her music and didn't really care to know anything about her.  I'm not sure where the turning point was, but I don't think I've ever changed my tune about someone as much as I have about her.  I think she's an incredible song writer and I love her honesty with herself and with the world.

So despite not being a teenage girl, or 22, I had a pretty magical time!


The Big 0-5


It doesn't seem possible that Sam is five years old today...

Little did I know that this tiny pup would make such a big impact on our lives. 

We actually got Sam before we got married, because I had been wanting a puppy pretty much my whole last year of college.  When we picked her up, I had no idea just how much she would teach us.  We learned what it means to have take care of another living creature and that cleaning up poop and sometimes losing sleep would somehow make us love our four-legged child more than I can express.

I keep telling Andrew that Sam (and Dani) are going to live forever.  I'm not delusional, just hopeful.  So even though she's turning 5, it really does not mean she's getting older. 

I've been scouring the internet for a good doggie birthday cake recipe, but thankfully, most of them seem to be very similar.  Also, our dogs aren't known for being picky when it comes to what they eat, but I'm hopeful she'll like it.  And she'll obviously share with her sister. 

It's no secret that we love our dogs more than may be considered normal, but I can't imagine it any other way.  They love of us more than we deserve, so I think we should love them an abnormal amount. And if that means baking doggie cakes and celebrating birthdays, than so be it!

Happy birthday to one of the sweetest dogs in the world!


3 Things


As I mentioned here, I'm working working on getting out of my blogging funk, and I think baby steps may be the easiest way to do so!  With that said, here are the top(ish) three things I'm loving lately.


one. I recently reread all seven Harry Potter books and by doing so, my love for the series grew exponentially.  However, I'm not sure how socially acceptable this love is seeing as how since I am now the ripe old age of 27, but I suppose it could always be worse.

As you can see, I'm missing a few, but thankfully, my Kindle solved that small problem.  Also, it's a lot easier to read books whose page numbers venture into the upper hundreds with said Kindle.  I thought about completing my hard copy collection, but the books will be released with new cover art this September, so I'm holding off.

There was never a time I didn't love the series, but inexplicably, I love it more the second (or third/fourth for a couple of them) around.  I somehow even managed to convince the hubs to take me here this year...

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Hopefully he'll still accept me as his wife after we get here as I will not be making any apologies for how my excitement will be expressed.

two. This Saturday I'll be running my first 5k of 2013!  Mind you, I use the term "running" a bit loosely since I'm still trying to emerge from my hibernation, but it'll be fun!  Finally getting to do a Color Run and see what all the fuss is about with getting doused with colored powder every kilometer.  Also, the fact I'll be running it with a sweet friend makes it that much more exciting!

three. I was informed today by a friend of mine that we're a mere 10 days away from the Taylor Swift concert.  This is something I have been looking forward to literally since October.

I wish I was kidding.

I saw her in concert in 2011 and I think that fact is just feeding my excitement for next Friday.


Seriously, 2013 is starting out pretty dang awesomely :)

A Blogging Epiphany


My last post was February 12.  It is now March 5.

Does anyone else see a problem with that??

I do and since before February 12, I've been trying to figure out what that problem is.  Do I not like blogging anymore? Do I want to stop writing about our semi-boring lives and random travels? The answer to both of those questions led me to believe that I was not ready to relinquish the title of "blogger."

That was the easy part, but now I was face with the hard part; figuring out what the aforementioned problem is and why blogging had become so difficult.  After writing the most rambling, incoherent post of my life (or anyone elses for that matter), it dawned on me; I worry too much and put unnecessary pressure on myself.  I am known for making things harder than they should be, but that never had a place in my ability to write.

Until now. Or, last year, to be more exact. Making things harder than they need to be is something I don't like nor want, but I am incredibly good at doing.  I get in my head, get comfortable with making things complicated and find it nearly impossible to get out.  Don't ask me to explain why I am this way because I am not even close to knowing.

So how does my worrying and unnecessary pressure building tie into writing?  The not so simple answer to this came during an epiphany this past weekend; it's as though I'm worried that what I'm writing won't measure up to some non-existent scale, but last time I checked, there is no grading system for blogging.

(the more I write this post, the crazier I seem, but I'm committed to explaining myself, even if it's just to me)

Because of my severe lack of writing, my head has felt cluttered and the other part of the previously mentioned epiphany was me figuring out that blogging serves as a release for me.  Even if the posts I write are essentially about nothing, it's just what I need.  I write it out, read it and then move on.

I know the best way to get out of my head and to stop worrying, even about blogging, would be to dive headfirst into the good word of the Lord. I realize that is a very "Christian-y" thing to say, but truly, there is a difference when I am intertwining my days with His merciful words.  The reminder of His unfailing grace and mercy over me restores me and guides me through the darkness that is my head.

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. 
Philippians 4:4-7

Now, I realize that being a better blogger is not something that really warrants prayer, but I also know I am a better wife, friend and daughter when I don't let worry and pressure consume my days.  I like blogging and I like being a social media butterfly.  I don't think it takes away from my life, but adds to it.  I like seeing what is going with my blogging "friends" and being part of such an awesomely bizarre community.

Blogging is my release and I owe it to myself (sorry to sound selfish) to put more time into it. My head needs life needs it.  I was hopeful that when I wrote this post, it would not be the chaotic mess that it ended up being, but I find it borderline comical.  It is the epitome of a brain dump and it was completely and utterly what I needed.

So I ask you to just bare with me in these coming posts because changes are I'll need that grace thing that I mentioned earlier.

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