Normally...I'm a crazy person this time of year, but with Carolina falling to Kansas last week, my sanity is pretty well in tact for the duration of March Madness.

Normally...I don't think at home workouts are as effective for me, but after doing the Xbox Nike Kinect Training two days in row, I respectively disagree with myself.

Normally...I prefer my morning beverage to be of the coffee persuasion, but chai tea has been speaking to my heart.  I have had no problem listening.


Just wish I had this to make and drink it from!

Normally...once I've seen someone in concert, I'm good for at least a year.  This is not proving to be the case with Taylor Swift.  She will in Washington, D.C. the same time as we will in May, but the hubs seems to think it would be a little excessive to go again.  Not sure why he feels this way...

Normally...I am ready to cut my hair once it's started to grow out, but I'm really loving the length right now.  If only we had the money for me to make it blonde again!

Normally...I try to rush through seasons/months, but I'm really trying to be better at being content not only in the time of year, but also where God has me.

Normally...I don't like reading serious books, or books that make me think, but I am LOVING "One Thousand Gifts." Talk about stretching my mind!


I should also probably add normally I can barely write one post lately, so getting two done in one week is quite a feat!  I am finding though that my love for blogging is slowly working it's way back, though, and that makes me quite happy!

Anything "abnormal" for you lately?


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