A Weekend Recap...On a Wednesday


So, it's Wednesday, and I had hoped to have this post up on Monday...clearly that didn't happen, but thankfully, I am a big believer in better late than never!

This past weekend, Andrew and I took a long weekend (something else I'm a big believer in) and to visit his grandparents in South Carolina.  They live right outside of Beaufort on the amazingly beautiful Dataw Island.

We hit the road pretty early Friday and arrived at his grandparents house just in time for lunch.  The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying each others company, reading and relaxing.  Mind you, none of these things make for a very interesting blog post, but it made for an awesome day. 

the view from their patio
tending to her garden

doing the aforementioned reading :)
For supper, we headed to Sweetgrass, which is an awesome restaurant at the marina.  I love restaurants with a view and this has one that cannot be beat.  And I consider it a plus anytime we can take a golf cart to dinner!

I love this place because the food is great, the atmosphere is amazing and as I said, the view is nothing short of awesome.

After dinner, the husband and grandparents indulged me and agreed to some pictures.

Saturday was beach day and that translates to a happy day for me!  There were some pretty big clouds in the morning and I was worried that rain would run us off, but thankfully the weather was pretty perfect all day.

There were a ton of families and a fair amount of dogs, but I think the beach is the one place in the world where chaos and noise don't faze me.  The beach is just a place I've always enjoyed.  Whether it was as a kid and coming in with sand all in my bathing suite or as an adult and reading, relaxing or strolling, it just makes me happy.  The only thing that had the potential to make the day not so great was when a wave swept Andrews sunglasses off.  These were not $5 sunglasses, so this caused some serious feet sweeping and pacing of the shoreline...

THANKFULLY, the feet sweeping paid off after a few minutes and I looked up to see him holding the sunglasses victoriously in the air.  Honestly, I'm somewhat embarrassed by how concerned I was about these, but as I said, they weren't cheap-o's and I know how much he loves those shades.

I am not sure if I'm alone in this, but when we left the beach that afternoon, all I wanted to do was nap! The combination of the sun, walking and ocean just wears me out, so clearly, a nap was a must after all that relaxing.

Saturday night, was as equally low key and consisted of dinner at the club, Duck Dynasty and just hanging out.  I promise we're still 20-somethings, but I have accepted that life doesn't need constant excitement to be enjoyed.  And though I realize a recap wasn't necessary for this weekend/vacation, I loved every minute of it and figured this is my blog, so I can write as many boring recaps as I want!


Happy Wednesday!


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