When I decided to do Blogtember, I assumed the posts subject matter would be "easy" stuff.  However, when I sat down to write today's post {Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are}, I realized just how uneasy this has the potential to be.


Nature versus nurture.  An age old argument that I don't believe has a right or wrong answer.  I have always believed that despite where or who you come from, you have every right and opportunity to become your own person. Of course, the where and who play a significant role, but I do not believe either are the end all, be all.  Each season I've gone through and each person I've met along the way, has made me the person I am today. Where you come from is your starting point; the beginning of your story.

I come from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  It was here I learned that you fall down, scrape your knees, but then get back up.  I learned that crying and laughing is apart of life, and broken hearts don't stay broken. I learned best friends and backstabbing friends aren't as easy to differentiate as one might hope. I learned saying "I love you" doesn't always mean it's true.

I grew up in Boone, North Carolina.  Here I found out how fleeting life can be and not to any moment for granted.  I learned God's hand covers in ways I could not begin to imagine.  I discovered there is something special about sitting in the middle of a deserted road, with your windows down, listening and watching the snow fall.  I learned that four years can change a person in ways that 18 can't even begin to touch.

I am growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I am finding out more and more each day just how selfish I can be.  I'm learning being right shouldn't be the goal.  I am learning that even though I'm really good at talking, communication is not a strength of mine.  I'm learning that God is the backbone of my life and marriage; without Him, nothing works.

It's difficult for me to point to the "what" and the "where" I come from because I believe who we are is ever changing.  There are still things that shape me and I'm learning life is mostly what we choose to see. Life keeps moving on in front of me and I have learned that growing up doesn't end.  I'm 27 years old (scary), but there is not a season of my life that doesn't end without me learning something. Even if that thing is that life keeps moving on despite my best efforts to slow it down.

Ultimately, I come from a place of grace, mercy, hope, forgiveness, and love.  No matter where I am, or who I am with, I know with unwavering certainty, those things will never change.



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Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

Those things that never change are just exactly the things that I too think shouldn't. And they are exactly where I hope people I interact with are "coming from!"

You are also so right that we are changing and evolving all the time with each situation we are put in or with each new person who crosses our path.

Ashlee Francois said...

Love your blog. I'm excited to read more.

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