Dani Update


As I mentioned earlier this week, our sweet Dani has been having difficulty standing after sitting/laying down and we were taking her for a follow up on Thursday.

Turns out, despite the original thought of the pain originating from her knee, the x-ray's told a different story; her hips were awful.

It took us less than two seconds to agree to surgery after hearing that would ultimately be the only solution. As I mentioned, we consider our dogs our children, but regardless of that, they're a responsibility we chose to have.  This is what she needed, so this is what happened.

The vet called earlier to let me know she was out of surgery and it went wonderfully, which were definitely the best words I heard all day.  Now we all just have to get through the weekend and she'll be back home with no pain!

So thankful for the sweet fur babies and for the vets of the world that take care of them!

Happy Friday!

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Alexa said...

So glad to hear she's doing well and that she'll be home soon! Hearing that it was actually her hips is scaring me - Holly's vet has already told us that she's a little arthritic and shows very early signs of dysplasia (and this was last year when she was 4!). It breaks my heart and though she's very fine now, I'm scared for the day we have to face it head on. Glad to know the outcome can be so good though!! Good luck in Dani's recovery. :)

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