Happy Thanksgiving Eve


It's hard to believe it's Thanksgiving eve, but nevertheless, it is!

It's such a blessing to have a day that is, or should be, purely about recognizing all that we have and saying "thank you." It's fall's last hoorah before the Christmas season officially begins, and I just love this holiday.

Today and everyday, I say thank you for...

...the unending, unwavering love, grace and mercy of Jesus Christ

...my strong, steadfast, loving husband

...our wonderful families and amazing friends

...our sweet, crazy dogs

...our warm, dry, happy home

...hot coffee

...good books




Enjoy all the food and chaos. Enjoy spending time with your family; no matter how dysfunctional they may be, enjoy it.  Take a few minutes to reflect on just how blessed you are, despite any hardships or difficult circumstances you may be facing.

Just enjoy this wonderful day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

p.s. I'm super thankful to see this little turkey :)


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