Playing Catch Up and Making Choices


What's this?! A post!? Never mind it's been almost two months awhile since the last one; live in the moment, people!

I've missed my little blog, but haven't had anything clever enough to break through the apparent box of silence I've been in. I'm learning more and more to stop pressuring myself to feel as if I need to do "everything." "Everything" is different for each of us, but I believe it's imperative to one's happiness and brain capacity we take a moment to recognize that it's okay for some things not to happen.

For me, both recently and the past several months, it's been this blog. For a while I contemplated whether or not I wanted to just delete this part of my life and move on, but that seemed far too drastic and severe. So here I am, a few weeks little bit since my last post, hoping y'all are still around!

Due to the box of silence, a recap 2014 so far seems not only fitting, but necessary!

we had dinner with some wonderful friends//enjoyed winter weather//really enjoyed beautiful spring weather//started doing Body Pump twice a week//started an amazing, thought-provoking book//
spent some time with my fantastic nephew//had a few dates with this guy//
bought a tutu for the Color Run//went to the ACC tournament//


I made two decisions at the beginning of this year; to stop breaking promises to myself and to face this year head on. So far, I feel comfortable in saying these two things have happened. Although I've learned life goes by faster than the blink of an eye, that doesn't give me an excuse to sit back, see it pass, and talk about how fast it's going. This year, as any year, has the potential to be awesome, but I have to choose to see it that way no matter what.  God will allow me and push me to and through trials this year, but through all that, I have to know and believe He sees me (Genesis 16:13).  I will actively choose joy and thankfulness. My life, and this world, is not something I can be passive about.

Something else I decided a while ago is to have a really high priority on happiness and finding something to be happy about. Each day, life can hand you lemons, throw curve balls, and a myriad of other cliches, but in the midst of all that, it is ultimately my choice to be happy. Bad moods, days, weeks are going to happen; some worse than others, but when it's all said and done, there is far more to rejoice over than not.

There are far too many things and circumstances we can't choose or control, but for the things we can, we should choose well and wisely.

Choose joy. Choose thankfulness. Choose happiness.


2 i love your comments!:

GiGi Ek said...

Right On Sweetpea! Right On!

Ashley said...

i love this Maggie! love that you are able to step aside from your blog when you need to - sometimes we can get caught up. love that you are choosing happiness ;)

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