Friday Randoms


It's Friday and it's been awhile since I've said anything random in this medium, and today seems to be a good day to change that!

This week...

...I have been working on a Disney recap and it should be done sometime this year. has made me an emotional mess. My dislike for change has been reinforced in the past 7 days.

...The Bachelorette started back and I plan on fully enjoying all the overproduced drama it's going to bring. 

...I've been listening to the Disney Pandora station a lot.

...I'm going to start painting a bench we possibly bought over a year ago. 

...I've enjoyed free coffee from Dunkin Donuts every time the Braves won.

...I saw sweet family members. 

...we roasted marshmallows. 

Overall, it's been a pretty good week, but there are a few aspects I won't recap because there is really no point. When not great things happen, and we're walking through a hard season, I remind myself it is temporary, and I am not called to focus on the temporary (2 Corinthians 4:18). God brings us to and through certain things not to tear us apart, but to set us apart. To make us ready for what he has set in place for us. This week has reminded me of that above all else, and for that, I am thankful.

Happy Friday!


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