A List of My Summer Do's and Don'ts


Today I saw a graphic that informed me Christmas eve is six months away.

My reaction? A shake of the head and a feeling of slight disbelief.

Don't get me wrong; I LOVE Christmas, to the point of often referring to myself as "crazy Christmas girl," but it's June. It's 90 degrees and 542% humidity, and though I am not a supporter of such statistics (or of summer if I'm being honest), I am constantly trying to be completely in the season. Literally and metaphorically.

I've been working on creating a summer to-do list and I think I've finally nailed it down...

+ go to an outside concert or two

+ go to a drive-in movie

+ spend the day on the lake...again

+ go to the beach (happening in less than a month!)

+ play guitar...again

+ go to a baseball game

+ paint the wooden bench that's been sitting in our garage for a year

+  read five books

+ write three {handwritten} letters just because

I could probably keep this list going, but I believe this is sufficient for the time being. Thankfully North Carolina is an awesome place to live and pretty much every single thing I want to go to or do can be found or done within a hours drive at most. Though I may not prefer summer, I plan on enjoying the fun things that come along with it and thankfully, that's quite a bit.

And on my to-don't list is just this one thing...

+ get sun poisoning again

Yeah. It's bad. 

Happy summer living!


3 i love your comments!:

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

I definitely hope to take in a nice outdoor concert this year and maybe do a family night out at an outdoor movie before school starts back for the kids.

Ashley said...

oh man :( aloe aloe aloe!!

i definitely need to make it to a concert and a Braves game soon!!! totally love this summer list!

Anna Dusek said...

Hi Maggie. Loved your post. I just came out of a really bad sunburn myself and know very well the feeling. Did you get to go to a drive in movie yet? Do you have anyone to recommend in the area? I am new here and I am dying to go to one. Would appreciate any tips on that.
♥ Anna

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