Short & A Bit Scattered


Every day, we're reminded how fleeting time and life truly are. And I think we have all learned time flies regardless of whether you're having fun or not. It's elusive, much like a rare creature, and those of us lucky enough to catch a glimpse, should hold on as tight as possible.

I'm baffled knowing there are less months left in 2014 than there has ever been, but that's the reality.

Reality, I say much of the time, has no place in my life. The older I get, the less I choose to acknowledge it.  I understand it's there, but often times, I overlook it.

As most of us, I was shocked and saddened by the news of Robin Williams taking his life. It's heartbreaking anytime I learn of someone choosing to leave this world in that way. I cannot begin to fathom the hurt one must feel constantly to the point of thinking it's their only way.  I beg you, if you're reading this and having an inkling of those thoughts, please talk to someone. You are loved. You are wanted. You are needed.

Life and time.  Fleeting and precious.  We don't get enough of either, but we choose how they're spent.

Don't ever use time, or lack thereof, to not do something.  Each day is an opportunity--don't waste it.  Be hopeful and have dreams.  They are so wonderful and necessary.  Last week, I realized, these three things, albeit slightly ambiguous, are true hopes of mine...

+I have dreams of being a wordsmith. 

+I have hopes to be more than I am today. 

+I desire to be apart of something, even for just a little while, 
that has an extraordinary history and an exquisite future.

Realizing this post may seem a bit scattered, I should offer some sort of explanation for it's origin, but I'm not going to.  I just hope it serves as a catalyst to someone for something.

I leave you with these words...

Carpe diem...seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary! 
- Robin Williams

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