Weekend Recap (x2)!


How in the world we just finished the last weekend in September is beyond me.  But, nevertheless, that is supposedly what just happened.  I may or may not sometimes believe calendars lie.  I have no proof, but I'm working on it.

The past couple of weekends have been pretty great and I hate I didn't make time to write more.  Eh, par for the course at this point I suppose.  However, this is no time to sit and stew on "what could've been," so moving on to the recaps/the most pictures you may have ever seen in a post!

The Friday before last, I met my mom at my grandparents for the night before heading up to Boone for the weekend.  I always love spending time with my grandparents and I am so unbelievably thankful for them.  Also, loved having this view to start what would be an awesome weekend.

We got to Boone a little before 10 and spent the better part of the morning walking through King Street.  My mom hadn't spent a lot of time in Boone prior to this, so it was fun pointing out different things to her and showing her the stores I visited all to frequently for four years of my life.  We didn't buy many things, but I did buy these beauties!

I had been wanting some true cowboy boots for awhile and they have not disappointed.

After a thorough tour of King Street, we went to Cafe Portofino (yum) for lunch before walking on campus for a bit.  I'm pretty sure my mom's favorite part was visiting the ducks.

That evening was spent doing what I believe is a must anytime I go to Boone; driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I can't explain it, but despite not living there for over six years, I feel home when I am in Boone and I think being on the Parkway is a big part of that.  It may sound odd to some, but as I said, I can't explain it. This time, one of the best parts of being there was spending it with my mom, who was so clearly having fun, it just made my heart happy.

It was a truly wonderful weekend and I consider myself beyond blessed to spend this time, in this place, with my amazing mother!

Now, on to the second weekend recap (take heart, this past weekend's recap will have significantly less pictures)!

I often joke that Eric Church is Andrew's Taylor Swift.  For some reason, he hates this comparison. Not sure why, but regardless, he is a big Eric Church fan, and this weekend's main event was his concert Saturday night.  But before that happened, we finally got Andrew a new car!  This was a long time coming and very much needed.  I didn't get a shot of the car itself, but in this picture that is mostly us, you can see it :)

Eric Church, no surprise, was amazing.  He is always so pumped and seems to genuinely love what he does. If not, he missed his calling and should be an actor.

 If you made it this far, I applaud you and leave you with this final picture that encompasses all things cute.

Happy Monday and second to last day of September, y'all!


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Unknown said...

Maggie, I love Boone too and miss it now that the girls aren't there. I love that you had a great time with your mom. Love the Mt pics.

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